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RUSH: Here’s Chris in Detroit, as we go back to the phones. Hi, Chris. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Curious to know if you enjoy a good cigar when you’re flying on EIB 1.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, many times. In fact, the air filtration system… The EIB 1 cabin is pressurized for about 6,000 feet. No matter what altitude you are above it, that’s the altitude of the air pressure created in the cabin. To achieve that, in part, the air is changed completely 12 times a minute. It’s one of the most advanced air-circulation systems around. It is circulated and refreshed much more frequently than, say, a commercial airliner.

A lot of people beg me for rides. It’s amazing, but they do. If I happen to be going where they’re going and I don’t mind, I’ll warn ’em, “I’m gonna smoke a cigar. It’s my living room,” and they all say, “Okay.” But my point is that, even if they’re nonsmokers aboard, screw them. It’s my airplane, it’s my cabin, it’s my living room, and I smoke cigars up there. And, in case you’re wondering, the flight crew has absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. It’s not even all that smoky because of the recirculation that takes place on board.

Why were you curious about that?

CALLER: Just curious. I fly commercially very often, and enjoy cigars as often as I can, and spend many hours in a plane. So I just thought of that when I heard you talking about EIB 1. It’s just one of those curiosities I’ve always had. Thank you.

RUSH: Yeah, I do on the airplane pretty much everything I do on the ground. Let your mind wander. But yeah. It’s fine. If a bunch of guys on a plane head out to a golf tournament weekend or something? Hoo hoo hoo! That’s fun. It’s not a problem. But, yes. The short answer to the question is that I do. In June, we took a long overdue and much needed vacation. We went to Europe, and it was, I think, a nine- or ten-hour flight, and I probably had seven cigars on the trip.

You know, different lengths. One thing about it: They don’t last as long because there’s no humidity up there. They dry out and they start cracking, and so you have to put ’em out, sometimes even before you’re halfway finished with ’em. They just start falling apart. Which is fine with me. (interruption) I don’t know. I was just asked, “Do they have a stronger effect at altitude like alcohol does?”

I’m not aware of any effect from tobacco anywhere, so I can’t answer. Although I am going on this trip. I have a golf member-guest thing. I always take some of the most kick-ass cigars to give to opponents to zone ’em out, ’cause it can loop ’em if they’re not used to these. It can make ’em dizzy, for just a competitive edge. All the while they think I’m a great guy sharing my stash with ’em.

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