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RUSH: Now, a little housekeeping. It probably was my fault, although it really wasn’t. We had a little bit, just a tiny little misunderstanding yesterday at TwoIfByTea.com. I announced toward the end of the program that we’re running a special. I love these Tervis Tumblers, the 12-ounce Tervis Tumblers that are just ideal. They are perfect for summertime consumption of beverages, particularly those in which you’re gonna include ice.

Because they’re insulated, yet they still hold a lot. They’re insulated so the ice doesn’t melt nearly as fast, and the glass doesn’t get all sweaty and drip on you. That is a big deal to me. We have logoed this thing up, and we patented the hell out of it. We have the Two If By Tea Rush Revere icon on one side and then a picture of me, the Revered Rush, on the other. So here’s the deal:

You go to TwoIfByTea.com, you buy two of these tumblers, and we’re throwing in a case of tea free (whatever flavor you want) as long as you use the offer code. The offer code is tumbler2013. But we had some problems. People thought that when they bought the tumblers, that the tea would automatically show up in the checkout cart. It doesn’t. The way it works is, you pick out the case of tea that you want as though you’re gonna buy it.

You go to our website, TwoIfByTea.com, you find the case of tea that you want, and you buy the two tumblers. Then you have that in the shopping cart, and then you apply the promo code, tumbler2013. The application of the promo code then renders the tea at no cost in the shopping cart. I will accept full blame for this. Yesterday, I made it sound as though the tea would automatically show up as el freebo.

It was fascinating. One of our customer service people got an e-mail from a guy who used to run security at the AT&T Pro-Am out at Pebble Beach. I recognized his name. They sent the e-mail on to me. This guy had run security for eight years. He mentioned Stalin, my security chief, and he told the customer service representatives that I was a great guy ’cause he had seen me interact with the public at this tournament.

He was a great guy. He’s been there for eight years, and he was a new customer and so forth. So we got him straightened out. I just wanted to pass the story along ’cause it’s a great story. So you have to select the tea. The case of tea is free when you buy the two tumblers, but you’ve got to select the case of tea and put it in the shopping cart, and then when you apply the offer code, then the tea price is zeroed out and you’re just buying the tumblers.

The offer code tumbler2013.

It’s lowercase, no spaces: tumbler2013.

TwoIfByTea.com. Sorry for any confusion. I can understand that, the way I explained it yesterday, people thought that the tea would just be thrown in. But you’ve gotta select the kind you want. We don’t know that. You have to select the kind and flavor.

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