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RUSH: Marco Rubio yesterday, during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, interviewed our United Nations ambassadorial nominee, Samantha Power. Now, Samantha Power is a hard-core leftist, and, as such, thinks this country is immoral and unjust in many ways and has said so and has written so. She is married to a man named Cass Sunstein, who thinks the Constitution was written ass backwards.

Cass Sunstein believes the Constitution was a mistake because it did not grant specific powers to the government. What the Constitution does is limit the government, and Cass Sunstein thinks that that was the biggest mistake the Founders made. Because while the Constitution limits what governments can do and spells out the freedoms of the people, it limits the, quote, unquote, freedom movement of government, and Cass Sunstein and the boys love the government, and they think the government should have all the power. So the Constitution’s ass ackwards, it’s 180 degrees wrong, and they’ve spent their careers saying so. Cass Sunstein came up, remember now, husband of Samantha Power, came up with the description of the Constitution as a charter of negative liberties.

I remember when I first heard that it just intellectually didn’t compute. What in the world, negative liberty? Because the Constitution is about our liberty and freedom, the individual. It was the first time in recorded human history where a country was founded on the premise that the state served the citizen. And here come these guys all upset about that. Intellectually, when I first came across that, I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t understand it. How could anybody oppose individual liberty and freedom, but these people do. And so the Constitution to them, negative liberties, meaning it was negative in its description of what the government could do it. Obama has said the same thing, by the way.

So, anyway, that’s who Samantha Power is. She’s married to that guy. She agrees with him. She thinks this country’s unjust and immoral. She believes this country’s imposed its views around the world on people. She believes this country is militaristic power which meddles in places it never should be and go and this kind of thing. So she’s been nominated to be ambassador to the UN, and it stands to reason that Republicans on the Senate committee investigating would ask her about this. And we would hope to have representatives of this country in foreign policy that like the country, that don’t think it was a mistake, that don’t disagree with the way it was founded, and Samantha Powers clearly does. So Marco Rubio had his turn interviewing her yesterday, and this is about a half-minute sound bite excerpt of one such exchange. Listen to this.

RUBIO: “I would categorize the Rwanda situation as a crime as,” the words you used, “permitted by the United States.” Which ones did the United States commit or sponsor that you were referring to?

POWER: I think this is the greatest country on earth. Um. We have nothing to apologize for.

RUBIO: Okay. So you don’t have any in mind now that we’ve committed or sponsored?

POWER: I will not apologize for America. I will stand, uh, very proudly if confirmed, uh, behind the US placard.

RUBIO: No, I understand, but do you believe the United States has committed or sponsored crimes?

POWER: I believe the United States is the greatest country on earth. I really do.

RUSH: That’s a crock. She doesn’t. He did a great job here, because the subject was Rwanda, and she is like every other liberal, Rwanda is our fault. Bill Clinton has even apologized for it. (Clinton impression) “You know, I was occupied doing other stuff, you know, I shoulda never let that happen. I shoulda never let the Tutsis just commit genocide against the Hutsis, and it happened, and I’m terribly sorry. It’s one biggest mistakes I made.” And the left, they have run around, they have apologized for it, what happened.

There was a genocide and they believe that the United States made it happen, and she has said that the United States has committed crimes against people. She is on record as having said that. So Rubio brings up Rwanda to her because she did say at one time, “I would categorize the Rwanda situation as a crime permitted by the United States.” So he asked her, “What crimes did we commit?” “I think this is the greatest country ever. I love the United States and believe it’s the greatest country on earth. I really do.” If you have to say it, there must be some doubt about it.

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