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RUSH: Now back to the top, audio sound bite number one. Yesterday on this program, I just want to recall for you that it was predicted.

RUSH ARCHIVE: So how long is it gonna be before the story gets out that the whole accident was scripted and planned and even rehearsed and then performed for real so that Zimmerman could come upon the scene supposedly coincidentally and be a hero? I will guarantee you, if it’s not already out there, it’s gonna be a running theme on Twitter. I’m telling you, the left is insane, and this just can’t be, Zimmerman a hero? The Zimmerman haters are gonna say this whole thing was staged, it was set up, probably rehearsed. “Look, nobody was hurt, were they? This was a setup so Zimmerman could look good. Why didn’t Zimmerman just stay in his truck? I wonder if the family was white or black and if Zimmerman knew their race beforehand?” I guarantee you, folks, it’s gonna happen.

RUSH: It happened last week, by the way. We’re learning now it happened last week. I wonder why the media didn’t report this last week? ‘Cause it happened last week. What was going on last week that might have made the media want to shelve this and not — oh. It was the verdict. Oh, yeah. The verdict last week.

It’s now beyond Twitter. It has reached liberal broadcast media. I’m not gonna mention any names ’cause they don’t deserve it, but liberal broadcast media is now openly accusing the Zimmerman camp of staging the whole thing, particularly since no one was hurt. Since no one was hurt, the whole thing had to be staged. You know what the Democrats will always tell us? They will always tell us what they fear, and they will always tell us what they do. Their allegations against us, their accusations against us illustrate what they would do. So when these people on Twitter or in the liberal broadcast media ran around and say this whole thing was staged and made up, they’re telling us what they would do. How does the thought even occur to ’em? It occurs to them because it’s something they would do. Well, if you’re asking how would the thought occur to me, ’cause I know them.

I know liberals as well as anybody knows them. I know liberals better than they know themselves. Because the one thing most liberals are is not honest with themselves. Here’s Mark O’Mara. He is the Zimmerman defense attorney. He was on Piers Morgan Live last night. Chris Cuomo sitting in because Piers Morgan was celebrating the birth of the baby boy in Great Britain, popping champagne corks. Cuomo said, “He was at the scene of the crash and he did assist, and this is the same area where everything else happened, right?”

O’MARA: Yeah, very strange. I mean, this is quintessential George. This is the person who I knew him to be when I found out about his past before February 12th. This is the guy always involved in the community, always going to, you know, lend a helping hand. And here we go, four days after the event, something that I could not have planned but turned out to be just pure George.

RUSH: And Cuomo, of course, naturally smells a rat. Cuomo then said…

CUOMO: Now, is it true that you saw George soon after this incident and he did not mention it to you? Is that true?

O’MARA: We had conversations over the last few days, and yes, he came by but did not mention this at all. Again: To him, this is who he is and who he’s always been.

RUSH: See, he didn’t mention it because it hadn’t happened. He didn’t mention it because it was staged. He didn’t mention it because it was all made up. He didn’t mention it because it was a planned technique. Zimmerman didn’t tell his lawyer because he didn’t want his lawyer to know that the whole thing was staged. That’s what Chris Cuomo’s thinking there, but I’m telling you, folks:

It’s all over the place now, that Zimmerman staged it, that his lawyers helped, that the family was paid off. They were given a new car. The whole thing was faked, every aspect of this. And, of course, the Tea Party is behind it. The Republican Party is behind it. Before it’s all over, the Royal Family is gonna have had something to do with it as part of a distraction to the birth of the baby boy.

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