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RUSH: Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez has decided to take a page out of the Clinton playbook to treat Bud Selig and the New York Yankees as Ken Starr. What Rodriguez is going to say is, “Why me? Why’d these other guys get suspended for 50 games and you’re giving me 211? Why are you singling me out? Why didn’t you offer me 50? How come you’re taking away all this money from me?”

He’s gonna say that they’ve gotta vendetta against him. He’s gonna say that they don’t like him. He’s gonna say that they got big problems with him, and then he’s gonna say… He hasn’t denied any of this. He was asked point-blank yesterday at the press conference whether he took any of these performance enhancing drugs. He did say, “Well, I’m not gonna talk about it. It’s not the place for this. I’m just so excited to be back in uniform, so excited to be back in the game I love,” and he really thought answers were really confusing.

But what he’s gonna do is make that case. He’s got ’til Thursday to decide whether he’s gonna fight this or take it. If he fights it, it goes to arbitration, and he continues to play, and the arbitrator says, “Well, we won’t have a decision on this ’til November or December.” So it’s gonna drag on, and Rodriguez is, as I said yesterday, gonna say that the commissioner is singling him out, gonna vendetta.

Nobody likes him. He’s victim. They’re treating him unfairly, not like all the other people. Twelve of them, I think, have been suspended. And then he might even assert that the Yankees are culpable because they misdiagnosed his injuries, and they mistreated, therefore, his injuries, and they forced him to go elsewhere to get well. The problem there is that it was Rodriguez who chose the surgeons involved.

He actually chose the doctors to operate on his hip, and I think there was another knee operation involved in this time frame.

It might be just the hip. At any rate, the thing is, is this gonna drag out and continue? Snerdley came in today and said, “You know what he ought to do? He ought to use Roe v. Wade. It’s his body; he can do whatever he wants with it. There’s a problem. That only applies to women and abortion, Snerdley. Get a hold of yourself. Not even husbands can use their body and have a right to do with it as they wish. It only applies to women and abortion.

I said, “Besides, the union has rules that they’ve agreed to that they’re not gonna take these drugs.”

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