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RUSH: There’s a story that just ran on what it is that constituted the reason for this massive shutdown of our embassies. And apparently the regime, this Eli Lake and another writer have the story at The Daily Beast, and the only way they could get this is if the regime leaked it. I mean, who else knows this? Who else knows what happened? I mean, sure you’ve got people — the NSA and CIA — but that’s the regime. And basically Ayman al-Zawahiri is now apparently much more active than even bin Laden was. He was bin Laden’s number two. Apparently, these terrorists had a conference call of like 20 of them, 20, 22 terrorists, conference call around a virtual conference table, like a board of directors of a corporation. They planned all this murder and mayhem and terrorism, and we overheard the call. And we’ve leaked that.

So now Zawahiri and his other fellow members of the Board of Terrorists Inc. now know not to use that form of communication again because it’s been compromised. Why in the world leak this? I’ll tell you why leak it. They leak it so as to make Obama look big and competent and tough and make this administration look like nobody’s gonna get anything past them. These are really tough guys, the Obama administration, and they really take terrorism seriously. So we shut down 21 embassies for a week, and we now know the explicit reason why, because we leaked it. So Zawahiri, just to repeat, is on a conference call with the other members on the board essentially — I mean, look at this as a corporation — and they’re planning these various assaults and techniques, and whoever’s listening said, “Man, this is serious stuff. This is bigger or as big as what we heard prior to 9/11.”

So they announce the closing of the embassies, and then, while Obama’s telling us he’s got Al-Qaeda on the run, we leak the actual details of that call, which gives up, tells these terrorists, Zawahiri and the others, not to use whatever form of communication they were using because it’s been compromised. So now they’re gonna go do something else that we can’t follow. Why in the world would you do this? Why would you leak this? Isn’t it enough to say that the chatter was serious and it’s causing potentially grave consequences, we have to shut the embassies?

Now, naturally people are gonna say, “Why? Well, what happened, what happened, what’s going on?” “Well, we can’t tell you. Okay, you want to know why; here’s what happened. We intercepted a phone call, series of phone calls, video calls, whatever it was.” Zawahiri and his gang now know not to do it that way again because it’s been compromised. So rather than leave it untouched and able to tap into any and every time perhaps that Zawahiri gets on the phone with his buddies, we’ve shut that down. It doesn’t make any sense, unless they’re a couple steps ahead of us on this, which I would hope, but I don’t have a lot of confidence.


RUSH: Dayton, Ohio, as we go to the phones. Hi, Bob. It’s great to have you on the program today. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you very much. I love your tea.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. Since you brought that up, I gotta share with you an e-mail. Right here it is. We got an e-mail from one of our customers and it says, “Rush, Kathryn: Received my tea shipment yesterday,” it was yesterday, “and the FedEx driver said that they have delivered so many cases of Two If By Tea since your special last week that they thought some sort of fraud was happening.

“I just wanted you to know because the FedEx driver said, ‘We’ve been doing nothing but delivering Two If By Tea.'” Folks, I can’t tell you. The volume of tea we went through last week on this special that we ran is just incredible, and the FedEx drivers, some of them thought that a warehouse theft had taken place because there was so much of it. I thought it was a great story. This one of our customers from Carson City, Nevada.

Bob, I’m glad that you like it, too. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, my driver asked why don’t I just order a case or two at a time, because I order 10 at a time.

RUSH: (laughing) That makes sense to me.

CALLER: Well, my real reason for calling is, back during the Kennedy administration, I was in the Army Security Agency associated with NSA. We intercepted a message from Moscow to northern Russia that had all the contents of the 26 ships that left northern Russia for Cuba.

RUSH: Now, hang on. Slow down. Slow down just a second. This is fascinating to me. So this would be 1961, ’62?

CALLER: ’62, September of ’62.

RUSH: ’62. Now, you intercepted a message from Moscow to where?

CALLER: Northern Russia.

RUSH: Northern Russia. That had the contents of all 26 ships that left…?

CALLER: They had several ICBMs and several intermediate missiles.

RUSH: Right. Now, before we get to that, what was the intercept? What kind of communication did you intercept?

CALLER: Well, they come up on Morse code, go to teletype, and the guy came up on Morse code and went to teletype, but he forgot to put his scrambler on, and he transmitted for a minute and a half in the clear. He stopped, shuts down, comes back up, puts his scrambler on, and retransmits the first minute and a half in code. So we have the code.

RUSH: He was using Morse code; it was not voice?

CALLER: No, he comes up in Morse code and then went to teletype. They switch to teletype.

RUSH: Now, at the NSA or wherever you were, what kind of equipment did you have to have, and what kind of communication did you have to monitor to get this? Was it a radio communication of some kind?

CALLER: Yes, radio.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: You pull it off of radio, and it’s all transmitted across the airwaves, but it was teletype back then. That was the main form of the communication. They just come up in Morse code, establish their connection, and then they turn their scrambler on and transmit, and we used to listen to ’em all the time.

RUSH: Bob, are you —

CALLER: — take long time —

RUSH: Bob, I notice this a long —

CALLER: — first minute of half —

RUSH: Damn it!

CALLER: — in the clear. It was real easy.

RUSH: Bob, I know this is a long time ago. Pardon my swearing, folks. I’m frustrated with the phone. He can’t hear me. I’m trying to ask him questions, and I’ve got time vanishing. Bob, this was a long time ago, but are you divulging any secrets here?

CALLER: I only had to keep ’em for 20 years.

RUSH: Really? You only had to keep it secret 20 years?

CALLER: Yes. But we kept ’em.

RUSH: Well, obviously. Okay, so, you intercept this message, you had the contents of the 26 ships, and what did you want to add to that?

CALLER: Well, President Kennedy knew exactly what was on board those ships headed for Cuba. There was a blockade up. He stood up and would not allow anything to get to Cuba, period.

RUSH: Are you comparing him to Obama? Is that what this is?

CALLER: Yeah. Kennedy kept his mouth shut, didn’t tell anybody what he had, and stood up and did what he needed to do.

RUSH: Okay, okay. As opposed to Obama leaking everything that we’re finding out?

CALLER: Well, why in the heck did you tell the world that SEAL Team Six took out Obama? Keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anybody that you did it and let it go.

RUSH: Because Obama…?

CALLER: You paint a target on those guys.

RUSH: Obama feels the need to brag about this stuff. Obama wants everybody to know that he did it.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: Don’t you know that Obama’s bigger than the country, Bob?

CALLER: It’s like standing there and taking the people out of the embassies. Why take the people out? Why not put more people in there and surprise ’em when they come in that, “Oh, I thought there was only gonna be three or four and here we got a hundred!”

RUSH: Yeah. Well, I can understand why you’d be mad about this, having worked as you did. Now, what Kennedy did with the information, that’s a whole other story again. I’m not gonna get into now because of the constraints of time. But your point is he didn’t tell everybody what we knew, as Obama did.

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