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RUSH: Looky here what I happen to be holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It is a story from the UK Guardian, and the date is today. “Should We Care That Smart Women are Not Having Kids?” It’s not should we care that “stupid women” are not having kids. It’s “Should We Care That Smart Women are Not Having Kids? — “It seems that women these days are too clever for their own good, at least when it comes to making babies.

“Research emerging from the London School of Economics examining the links between intelligence and maternal urges in women claims that more of the former means less of the latter. In an ideal world, such findings might be interpreted as smart women making smart choices, but instead it seems that this research is just adding fuel to the argument that women who don’t have children, regardless of the reason, are not just selfish losers but dumb ones as well.”

So it is true that in the UK, more and more women are deciding not to have babies. I think it’s true here, too, and they’re writing about it. It is related to feminism, and it’s being associated with intelligence. Now, folks, I’m here to tell you: I have made a career out of this. People on the left have got a problem with birth. There’s something about that that sends them off the rails, and they are constantly writing and theorizing and talking about the beauties and the liberating aspects of abortion and how now it’s very, very hip and cool for smart women not to be sucked into this motherhood thing.

The barefoot-pregnant-in-the-kitchen trap.


RUSH: You talk about the cutting edge of societal evolution? Right now Fox is doing a topic, “Having It All Without Having Kids,” and three women are discussing it. “Having It All Without Having Kids.” That happens to be the title of the most recent issue, cover story, TIME Magazine. I’m telling you, folks, the elite feminist movement’s got a problem with birth. Obviously abortion, they promote.

It is the sacrament.

Abortion is the sacrament.

If liberalism is a religion, abortion is the sacrament, and then this TIME Magazine story and this story from the UK Guardian reporting that “smart women” are the ones not having kids. Well, of course! Of course dumb, stupid women are. What else have they got? They don’t have the money or whatever to abort, but the smart women know that a kid is just nothing but an albatross!

This has been one of the teachings of modern feminism. “Families, relationships, kids? That’s a trap laid for women by men to keep them home, to keep them subservient, to keep them as servants — barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen!” It’s to keep them, you know, “in their place,” if you will. The purpose of a kid is to occupy a woman so that the husband can run around and do whatever he wants, and the feminist movement rose up against that.

The modern era, beginning in the late sixties and seventies. By the way, the US birthrate is near… Well, I don’t know if it’s an all-time low or near-record low, but it’s terribly low, and our birthrate may be below replacement levels now, when you couple the number of abortions. I read there were nearly 400,000 abortions last year. There have been, statistically, the best approximation is about 1.5 million abortions, probably more now, since 1973, and the birthrate may not be — it’s an all-time low.

Of course it’s a good thing, TIME Magazine says. Yeah, it’s a good thing that women aren’t having kids! It’s a liberating thing that women aren’t having. Damn straight it is, and it’s just other sock in the face to men. You know, you’ve had it your way ever since Adam and Eve. Well, it’s our turn now! We’re not gonna bear your kids, and we’re not gonna stay home and raise ’em and we’re not just gonna sit here at home while you get to go do whatever you do.

We’re gonna do all kinds of things here to liberate ourselves. We’re not gonna give birth, and if an accident happens we’re gonna abort it, and it’s the smart women doing all this. That’s what is becoming… Well, that’s what is made to appear is happening, both in the TIME Magazine story and in this UK Guardian story. Now, the UK Guardian a little bit more guarded. “Should We Care That Smart Women Aren’t Having kids?”

Now, that’s a bit elitist because, of course, the question means, “Well, if it’s just stupid women having kids, what are the kids gonna be? Do we just want nothing but stupid idiots? Maybe some smart women ought to be having kids so we have some smart kids. Feminists are starting to lose themselves in these philosophical discussions, which of course are rooted in self-absorption and maybe tinges of guilt, because what’s going on here is a continuing, full-frontal assault on what has always been considered normalcy.


RUSH: I mentioned back on the 1st of August, the 25th anniversary program, that having done this 25 years, I’m starting to see now repetition in issue after issue after issue. Ladies and gentlemen, an illustration of that is this TIME Magazine cover, “Having It All Without Having Children.” You go talk to a woman today, if you know a woman who is in her mid-fifties, late fifties, even early fifties, who was paying attention during the feminist-era days when this all began, the late sixties or seventies, and into the eighties. You talk to women who bought into it back then. You ask them if they’ve heard this before, and, if they’re honest with you, they will tell you, “Yeah, been there, done that.”

It’s the same thing. Back in the sixties and seventies at the early days of the modern era of feminism, it was the same argument: Do not have kids. That’s a route to prison. That is how our patriarchal culture expresses you. You have the kid. You give birth. You ruin your life for nine months, then you are in prison until the kid leaves home. You’re the one raising the kid. You’re cooking. You’re doing all these traditionally female things. You’re the one in prison. You’re the one being held back. That’s what you must change. That’s what those women back then were told. No relationship, no marriage, no kids, otherwise you’re betraying the movement. It’s repeating, almost word-for-word. And certainly the issue is the same whether they’re using the identical words, they are. It’s almost word-for-word how this is now happening.

TIME Magazine cover: Having it all by not having kids. Having it all without having kids. It’s just the late sixties and early seventies into the eighties being replayed, for a new generation of women. It’s almost like TIME Magazine and these Drive-By Media places they put these things on their calendars 25 years ahead. And when the day arrives 25 years in the future, time to start recycling liberalism. Recycling global warming, all of these leftist political issues, recycle them every other generation or so. And it’s happening around the world, hence this story from the UK Guardian. Should we care that smart women aren’t having kids? Modern feminism.


RUSH: Here’s Nirvana. Nirvana, in Jacksonville, Florida. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. How are you?

RUSH: I’m great. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hi. I was wanting to call and comment about one of the things you had commented about feminazis and feminists before? I am a conservative, but I’ve been classified often by others as a feminist. My mom is a liberal, very much feminist, and in fact she chose the career. She chose that path that, you know, the feminists were preaching at that time. You know, career, you don’t have to have kids. She just had me, but when I decided to stay home with my kids she was like, “When are you gonna get a real job?” Now, mind you, I’m a former —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold, hold, hold on. Slow down just a second. I have a question. How old is your mother?

CALLER: She’s in her fifties.

RUSH: Your mother’s in her fifties, and so she’s a feminazi feminist, but you’re not; you’re a modern feminist, right?

CALLER: Well, that’s how I see it —

RUSH: Okay, you stay home with your kids, and your mother asks you, “When are you gonna get a job or go to work?”

CALLER: Get a real job, yeah.

RUSH: Get a real job.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: That’s just astounding. Your mother says that to you?

CALLER: Right. And my point behind that is, there’s a lot of backlash between my generation and my mother’s generation saying, yeah, we’re glad you did that work, but you gotta realize it isn’t all about career. It’s for the choice that we can do this, because like myself, I would sacrifice for the feminist movement of that time, you know, I was left out in the wind in a lot of ways. In fact, there was a daughter of a very renowned feminist, I can’t remember her name, but she wrote an entire article saying, you know, feminism is a lie, and that’s what this generation is realizing, is, you know, we’re not staying at home or we don’t want to sacrifice our children in something just because we want a career. No, it’s not us being held back —

RUSH: You know what? When your mother was growing up, it wasn’t get out of the house and go get a job; it was get a career in business. If women of your mother’s age, when she was just getting out of college, whatever, being a teacher, no, don’t do anything traditionally female. You go out and you go where men are, and you do what men are doing.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And that’s one of the things that was wrong with that feminism. They didn’t distinguish themselves; they wanted to go out and be just like men. Nirvana, can I ask you, you said your mother is in her fifties. Are you around the age of 24?

CALLER: I’m a little bit older than that. (laughing) But I’m around that, yes, sir.

RUSH: Okay. But you’re close to it, right?

CALLER: No, add about 10 years.

RUSH: You’re 34?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: All right. No, if you were 24 I was just gonna ask you if I scare you.

CALLER: Oh. No. Well, when I first started listening to you, but then, you know, you made some valid points, you know, after realizing, you know —

RUSH: But I did scare you at first?

CALLER: Yes, sir, you did. (laughing) But it was because you challenged my views. I was raised, you know, liberal Democrat, and then you’re saying all these opposite viewpoints, and then I was like —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — you know, if I’m going to disagree with him, I at least need to understand why. So then I started listening to you, and I was like, holy smokes, you have a point. You know, so I definitely changed over.

RUSH: Well, look, I’m glad you called. This is an interesting point because Nirvana here thinks that she’s a feminist but in her mother’s eyes she’s letting the cause down by staying at home with her kids. Imagine that, now. That’s how firm or strong the hold was. In the early days of the modern era, you gotta go back to the late sixties or seventies to understand this, the modern era and when it began and what it was made up of. Now we have a new category here, stay at home feminist, which I like. I like strong women. Always have. I just never wanted woman that wanted to be like me. Be a woman, for crying out loud. Anyway, I won’t go there, dwindling time. Thank you, Nirvana. Appreciate that.

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