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RUSH: Now, I have a story. This story has been sent to me by minimum five people and probably more. It’s from TheHill.com, and everybody sending me this story is fit to be tied. They’re as mad as they can be. “Forty to 50 House Republicans will support immigration reform, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) predicted Thursday. Gutierrez said many of the Republicans supportive of immigration reform,” amnesty, if you will, “don’t want to be identified, but he insisted they would support comprehensive immigration reform.

“‘If they ask me today, go find those 40 to 50 Republicans, I’ll tell them I found them. I know where they’re at,’ Gutierrez said in an interview with Ed O’Keefe at The Washington Post. ‘I’m not going to tell you the names of some of them because some of them I’ve spoken to, and they’ve said I’d love to do the activity with you. I want to be able to vote for it. I really don’t need to draw attention to myself.'”

So the story is out there from a Democrat that there are 40 to 50 House Republicans ready to sign onto essentially the Senate amnesty bill. The story is also out there that the speaker of the House wants to walk this slowly down the aisle of reality and make it happen. So the Drive-By Media has this story and a couple of others suggesting that 40 to 50 Republicans have signed on.

This story comes from TheHill.com. Let’s proceed on the assumption that it’s true, just for the sake of it. I have spoken to — oh, in the last month, off and on, incidental to other conversations — people in Washington, party level and consultant level. Folks, I’m just going to tell you something: Inside the Beltway, in Washington, the premise that Republicans have to engage in “outreach” to Hispanics has been etched in stone.

There are conservative media outlets who are planning on ratcheting up Hispanic outreach. This entire premise that Republicans, and even conservatives, have no political future unless they engage in serious outreach to the Latino/Hispanic community, it’s now established fact. There’s no pushback of any consequence inside the Beltway on this. I tell you this, A., to inform you. But, B., just to get you prepared.

The pressure has been on Republicans for I don’t know how many elections to “reach out” to Hispanics, that they can’t win the White House without doing it, without getting more of the Hispanic votes, and it’s going to take immigration reform, path to citizenship, amnesty, whatever. I’m just telling you that that belief has really dug itself in. There’s hardly any pushback against it.

So when you see a story that 40 to 50 House Republicans back it, I’m inclined to believe it based on everything else I’ve heard. I mean, when you have conservative media organizations, news gatherers and so forth thinking they’re going to have to ramp up their Hispanic division in order to acquire and attract Hispanics to their audience? I mean, everybody is doing it in Washington. In Washington, it’s just the lay of the land now. It is settled. It is settled science.


RUSH: This is Reed in Virginia. Great to have you. Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: (garbled cell connection) Thank you, Rush. I’m really honored.

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah. I was calling… I’m a good student, so I have a cell phone. I will pause after every couple of sentences so I can hear what you have to say, too. I was listening through the week and one of the themes was Bob Dole and how we need to expand the Republican base and reach out to Hispanics and so forth and move to the middle, and I share the same frustration that you do. And then the second issue that we talked about a lot this week is the lack of energy and lack of enthusiasm and lack of people expressing conservative values. I think a lot of people are missing another political group that we can bring into the party, which are the libertarians, which are just so much better aligned with us — as far as out viewpoints — than the Democrats.

RUSH: The problem with the libertarians is that Chris Christie doesn’t like them. He and Rand Paul… I haven’t gotten into this, and I probably shouldn’t admit this to you-all, but that whole Rand Paul/Chris Christie thing just didn’t interest me. I don’t know why. It’s like I said at the beginning of the program: When I start to do my show prep, there’s more and more I’m starting to throw away as, “This is silly. This is stupid.”

I catch myself. This one I actively decided to leave alone because I didn’t think it was going to have a lot of legs. I didn’t think it was a whole lot of substance. But basically it’s that Chris Christie thinks that libertarians are really (and he’s not alone, by the way) a little unserious about foreign policy. In many ways libertarians obviously would tend more to the Republican Party that the Democrats.

But by virtue of polling data (you say reach out to libertarians) there aren’t that many of them, given how many Democrats, Hispanics, other demographic groups. But this whole thing about grouping people bothers me. You’re right, Bob Dole said that the GOP must broaden its outreach. Why don’t the Democrats ever have to do that? Why is it always the onus of the Republicans? I really resent this.

First the assumption that we are the closed party, the assumption that we’re the closed-minded guys. It’s the exact opposite. It’s the Democrats who demand that their voters and beliefs are only one way and say only specific things and vote only one way. The Democrat Party doesn’t allow anybody in that doesn’t agree with them! It’s absurd. This is really the Republican Party putting a straight jacket on itself, accepting the premise — put forth by who, by the way?

The media and the Democrats. I heard Bob Dole say that the GOP “must broaden its outreach,” and that’s code lingo for, “We’ve got to do amnesty.” I know what it is. But behind the code is the assumption that we can’t win because Hispanics hate us. And that may well be true but it’s not because they hate conservatism, and I don’t think it may well be true! I think there’s so many assumptions made that are nothing more than tricks.

Like the idea that it’s the independents you have to get every election if you’re going to win. I mean, that trick was so effective. The Democrats and the media consultants come up with this silly notion that 80% of the electorate is going to vote the way it votes every election, regardless. “The great independents, the undecided, the 20%, that’s who you have to get!” Well, how does that end up happening?

More to the point, what ends up happening? The trick here is that the Democrat Party and the media — and I do believe it’s a trick — have tricked the Republicans into running a campaign for the presidency aiming at 20% of the voters. How stupid is that? “You see, the theory is that 40% of the voters are going to vote Democrat and 40% are going to vote Republican, and that’s always going to be the case. It’s never going to change.

“But there’s 20% in there, the independents, who apparently vote Republican sometimes and vote Democrat sometimes!” Well, the upshot of this is that the Republicans have stopped serving their base, they have stopped serving conservatism, and they’re making this move that the only votes that count are people that don’t vote for them (i.e. Democrats) or this 20% block of independents.

But the real brilliance of this trick is that every Republican presidential candidate ends up running a campaign aimed at 20% of the population! It doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Then after doing that, Bob Dole and these other establishment types run around and wring their hand and say, “The Republican Party must broaden its outreach.” It’s never said about the Democrats. It’s never said.

The Democrats never have to “broaden their outreach.” What, everybody loves them already? Everybody loves them? I look at polling data and I see Obama’s approval number is below 50% now. I see that every Obama issue is opposed by a majority of the American people, including Obamacare and amnesty. I tell you, it really offends me this assumption that it’s the Republicans who are closed minded, narrow minded, bigoted, whatever else.

It’s never said that the Democrats have to reach out.

It’s never said the Democrats have certain problems with certain voters.

It’s always said about the Republicans — and lo and behold, the Republican establishment just falls for it hook, line and sinker, and they start repeating this tripe that’s put out there by Democrats in the media. So what I was telling you before we went to the break at the bottom of the hour, this story from Luis Gutierrez, that he knows 40 to 50 House Republicans that are going to back amnesty?

From everything I’ve been able to figure out, the idea that Republicans need to engage in outreach to the Hispanic community is settled. It’s accepted. Even conservative media thinks they have to do this now. I’m talking about in Washington. That entire political and social culture is a closed culture, but the people that run that end up dominating everybody that lives and works there.

What happens at the end of this is the Republicans end up ignoring their base.

The Republicans end up angering or taking their base for granted, and that’s why they’re losing elections. The Democrats have got them convinced that they’re losing elections because they aren’t able to get enough people that vote Democrat. It’s the most absurd… So when you say to me, “We need to reach out to libertarians,” I say we just have to get back to what we do best, and that is making the case for all people, what it is to be an American.

Pure and simple.

It’s not that hard.

Conservatism works when it is tried, particularly in national campaigns.


RUSH: I’m not trying to insult you Libertarians. I’m just tired of groupifying everyone. I’m just worn out with it. I think it’s a trick. I think it’s a penalty. That’s what the Democrats do. The Democrats are the party. They are a coalition of a little group here, a little group there, and these groups have one or two things in common, and that’s it. The two things they have in common, they all hate conservatives and Republicans and they all believe government ought to make everything right that they think is wrong. But not all people in the global warming movement are pro-choice for example. And not all the pro-choicers are into unions or whatever.

But every Democrat constituency group has at least two things in common. They hate us. They despise opposition. That’s why they created political correctness. Speech censorship. They hate opposition and they’ll do anything they can to eliminate it. That’s how you get a mayor who won’t let you eat what you want to eat, because he thinks you don’t have the sense to make the right kind of decisions about your diet, for crying out loud, or about the car you drive. To me there’s nothing about that party I want to emulate. There’s nothing about the Democrat Party I want to be like. There’s nothing they do that I want to copycat, and especially I don’t want to end up looking at people in this country as members of groups and then as victims.

And so reaching out to Libertarians, reaching out to the Hispanics, leaves me cold. We don’t have to. We have a political message that is timeless and speaks to the heart and mind of everybody who can be made to hear it. And it is the language of the founding of this country. It is rooted in the notion of creation by God. The natural state of that creation is the yearning to be free, and the understanding that those natural rights of freedom come from our creator, from our God, from your higher power, whatever you want to call it. They do not come from Barack Obama or Ted Kennedy or Woodrow Wilson or Fidel Castro or any other despot. They don’t come from the government.

They are the way we are made, every one of us around the world. That’s what has been exceptional about this country. This country was founded with the understanding of what people really are, who people really are and what really is important about humanity. That’s the blessing. The Democrat Party exists to snuff all of that out. We don’t have to reach out to Hispanics, reach out to this group or that group. The Republican Party might, but we conservatives don’t. The Republican Party can fix itself and start winning elections every time, or most of the time, if they’ll just stop all this fear and panic and become conservatives.

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