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RUSH: The Washington Post story is about Hillary and her presidential campaign in 2016. Now, this is not an editorial; it’s a news story. Headline: “Hillary ClintonÂ’s Theme, Pre-2016: Women Who Break Barriers — Hillary Rodham Clinton took to a Toronto stage in June before about 5,000 supporters, many of them women and many looking for a hint that she might run for president in 2016 — and she gave them one.” So here we have, it’s automatic now she’s gonna run, and it’s automatic, Donna Brazil’s out there, oh, if she does run, it’s the coronation, we don’t even need to have the campaign.

And I remind you, I don’t think she’s going to be the Democrat nominee. I’ve been wrong on one of these predictions before, but only once. I didn’t think she’d run for the New York Senate, but she did. But if she does run, this story is right. She’s going to run as the first woman ever. And if she does get the nomination, and if she does win, that will be why. The Democrats have learned something here profound. You’ve got the first black president, he’s immune from criticism. You cannot criticize the guy. Any criticism is racism. We have a president of the United States who cannot be criticized. His policies cannot be criticized. Not credibly. Anybody who tries is diminished and dismissed as a racist or a bigot, and so Obama can get away with anything he wants.

I think the Democrats have seen this, so imagine the first female president, the same thing. Any criticism, sexist. Any criticism, unjust. Any criticism, unwarranted. Any criticism, not real. Any criticism, not substantive. It’s all based in anti-woman. It’s all based on a Republican War on Women. It’s not based on anything substantive. The Democrats’ modus operandi is to eliminate opposition, and this is one of the ways they do it, and then after Hillary they’ll move for the first Hispanic president, and the same thing will repeat. No criticism of the first. After that they’ll need to get the first gay president, and no criticism allowed there. Then after that the first transgendered president. After that, the first, I don’t know, from Mars, whatever, but it’s gonna be a protracted policy, I think, that they’re gonna keep trying to implement. And it’s being heralded here in the Washington Post.

Her theme: Women who break barriers. What barrier is there left for Hillary to break? She’s already broken the barrier, other than first female president, but she’s gonna run, and she’ll run on the basis that it’s a biased, unjust, unfair country because of Republicans.

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