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RUSH: Here’s Obama’s approval numbers in the Real Clear Politics rolling approval average of 43%, the low point, 41% right now in Gallup.

You you have Kris Jenner out there ripping into Obama for mocking her daughter and her husband, defending her kid. Bono the other day actually slipped up. Paul Hewson, the leader of the group U2, goes by the name of Bono. He actually said: “Aid is just a stopgap. Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. We need Africa to become an economic powerhouse.” Now, Bono has risen to great heights of respectability on the efforts that he’s made into philanthropy and charity. And here is Bono saying capitalism, commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. In an Obama administration, somebody in rock ‘n’ roll is saying this? Little, bitty things. Little, tiny things.

Then there’s this. “Film director Oliver Stone — who has made no secret of his liberal political views — called President Barack Obama a ‘snake’ for his role in National Security Agency spying programs that have become, he said, more about silencing protestors than finding terrorists. ‘Obama is a snake,’ Stone told an audience in Tokyo on Monday. ‘HeÂ’s a snake. And we have to turn on him.'” Oliver Stone.

I hate to bring this up, the whole Oprah Winfrey story is backfiring on her and is falling apart on her, and even the noted low-information cable network TMZ says the problem is Oprah is full of it. Oprah is full of it! TMZ! The low-information crowd is hearing all of this. The low-information crowd heard what Kris Jenner said. The low-information crowd pays attention to what Bono says. The low-information crowd will hear about Oliver Stone. The low-information crowd thinks that Edward Snowden is a hero. They do. I read who they equate him with, but he’s a big hero, a young entrepreneurial, gutsy warrior kind of hero.

And then Ashton Kutcher. Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in a movie that opens this weekend called “Jobs.” Ashton Kutcher showed up on Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards. He received the Ultimate Choice Award. I have three sound bites of Ashton Kutcher, a favorite of the low-information crowd accepting his award, and what he said could have been written by me.

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