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RUSH: Now, NBC News, this is fascinating, folks. I guess this would go in the category of why the Old Media is dying. The NBC Nightly News did a story last night. You know what they just found out? NBC Nightly News just found out that Obamacare is forcing employers to convert full-time workers to part-timers. They just found this out. Now, you have known this been going on for how many months now? Seriously. Months this has been going on because you might be affected. This is the old thing about 30 hours or less and you don’t have to provide health care for people. And so a lot of businesses have been converting full-timers to part-timers. NBC just found out about it, and they did a report. They actually did a report. They had a reporter who went out there and reported, and she’s good, Lisa Myers.

You know what my guess is? My guess is that Lisa Myers has had this story for months and has been trying to get it on the air. That’s my guess. I don’t want to ruin her career here. She’s interviewed me. I’ve had several segments with her, and she’s good. Like Jamie Gangel at NBC is good. There’s a number of them that are. And my guess is that this is not news to her, but it has been news to her editors. I’m just guessing. Here’s how it went. We had fill-in anchor Lester Holt. I think Brian Williams was watching tape of his daughter on that Dunham show, took the night off. Either that or had knee surgery, one of the two. So Lester Holt was in there and he got the ball rolling.

HOLT: We’re learning more tonight about some of the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act, which the president himself now calls Obamacare. Some workers who thought it meant they’d finally get some health insurance are instead getting hit with a double whammy: no insurance and a pay cut.

RUSH: By the way, this is another thing that is starting to happen. Now, these guys are how many months late to this? But they’re getting there now. And I’ve got a story here from St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I mean, this paper would probably lead the movement to have Missouri kick the state fair out of the state. The Post-Dispatch, they’re just a good old liberal paper. And even they: “Low Premium, High Deductible Health Plans Are Endangered by Affordable Care Act.” What that means is, if you like your plan, if you like your insurance, you’re not gonna get to keep it. Obama’s made this promise over and over. You like your doctor? Nothing changes. You like your plan? Nothing changes.

And the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a story on how, “Oh, yeah, it’s gonna change.” So all of these Drive-By Media outlets are finally starting to report the truth of Obamacare. Now, granted, they are years late. And this is why they’re dying. They used to be first in discovering this stuff and telling people about it. But now they’re part of the regime and driving the regime’s agenda. So, anyway, here’s Lisa Myers, and we have two sound bites. She is the investigative correspondent, and we have two bites on her report. Here’s the first one.

MYERS: Luke Perfect has worked at a Subway franchise in Maine for a decade. But he recently was told his hours would be cut to 29 a week.

PERFECT: It’s very tough. IÂ’m scratching by as it is with overtime.

MYERS: Luke’s boss, Loren Goodridge, who owns 21 Subway franchises, says it’s all because of the new health care law. Employers must provide health insurance to anyone working 30 or more hours a week. Goodridge says his small business can’t afford that.

RUSH: Yeah, how many low-information voters watching NBC are hearing this for the first time? One of the things I like to do, I like to pretend I’m a low-information voter. It’s a very hard thing to do. Have you ever tried to pretend you don’t know what you know? It’s very, very hard, if you’re conscious at all. But I try to pretend I’m a low-information voter and am just hearing this for the first time. I’m sitting out there and thinking my health care is gonna cost nothing or it’s gonna be free, and whenever I want it, and whatever I need, and I’m watching the news, and then I’m seeing, “Wait a minute, people are losing their jobs because of this? How can that be? It’s free.” I try to imagine the low-information voters’ reaction when they watch a story like this. Maybe I mistakenly assume that it connects with them. But as part of the pretending, I’m pretending that they hear it. Here’s Lisa Myers’ second installment of the report.

MYERS: At St. Petersburg College in Florida, 250 part-time professors have had their hours reduced.

BILL LAW: It has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make, and I hope that we can work our way through it to a better answer than we’re able to give today.

MYERS: Part-time math professor Tracy Sullivan lost half her income.

TRACY SULLIVAN: I never thought it would impact me directly. I was stunned when I got the e-mail.

RUSH: I am stunned listening to this. Did you hear that? Snerdley, what are you researching? You searching Google? Part-time, part-time math professor, Tracy Sullivan, lost half of her income. Tracy Sullivan says, “I never thought it would impact me directly. I was stunned when I got the e-mail.” A part-time math professor didn’t know that Obamacare was gonna convert her job to part-time. It’s stunning. And furthermore, insult to injury, she found out in an e-mail.

She could have found out watching the news or listening to this show. She could have found out this was gonna happen months ago. Just boggles the mind. That’s why I try to pretend to be one of these people when they first learn about this. They’re thinking it’s gonna be free. Look what she said. “I never thought it would impact me. I never thought all this stuff was gonna impact me. And then I got the e-mail, and I said, ‘Whoa.'”

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