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RUSH: Grab number 12. We just pick one at random. Charles Blow. He’s always good. New York Times columnist Charles Blow was on Reliable Sources on Sunday on CNN, and the host said, “You wrote a great column on Friday, talked about a ‘weariness’ and an ‘outright hostility’ about the continued focus on racial equality that we’re seeing in society today.”

BLOW: What people are suffering from is some sort of selective amnesia on the Trayvon Martin case, because unlike that case, this particular case with the Australian baseball player that has been all over the news, that was not the case in the Trayvon Martin case. It was a very local thing. It stayed that way forever, and when people started to write about it — Trymaine Lee in the Huffington Post, Ta-Nehisi Coates in his blog, and I wrote any column on it — none of us were saying, “Where is Rush Limbaugh? Where is Glenn Beck? Why aren’t they demanding justice here?” The mainstream media is kind of taking the bait here as if these guys are the paragons of equal justice and equal treatment. They’re not, and they’re demanding that of us.

RUSH: You know, the lengths to which these people are going to say there’s no race in the attack on the baseball player and it was totally racial Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman when it was racial in that case, and that’s the reason it didn’t have a lot of attention — although it got more attention sooner than what he wants you to believe. You know, once the national race hustlers found out about that story they were down there as fast as they got to Duke on the lacrosse case.

There wasn’t a racial component there.

I mean, Zimmerman? They had to create this “white Hispanic” category in order to have a racial component to it, and then they had to doctor the 911 tape at NBC to make it look like it was racial! These people are intellectually dishonest on this. You have a real racial hit, and it’s, “What do you mean? We’re not gonna allow Rush Limbaugh to inject race in this!” I’m not. I’m simply commenting on what it was.

You guys had to make up the racial component in Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin. But that’s gonna be the number one name you hear on Wednesday: Trayvon Martin Luther King. You wait. It’ll be the number one name mentioned from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Outside of Obama. Obama will be the biggest name, and it’ll be a contest between him and Clinton: “Which one will use the personal pronoun ‘I’ the most, Clinton or Obama?” I’ll bet there are bets on that in Vegas.

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