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(Obama MLK Mic Check Spoof)

RUSH: One thing here about that parody. That was “white comedian Paul Shanklin” doing the impersonation of our first African-American president, Barack Obama. When he said in this bit here, “Along the way, Martin Luther King endured unprecedented government surveillance,” who did that? That would be the Kennedy brothers that did that. It would be Robert Kennedy, who was the AG at the time (the attorney general), and the president, JFK.

They were surveilling. They were wiretapping. They were monitoring Martin Luther King. They had collected all the information that he was having affairs with numerous women, and they were stockpiling this stuff along with J. Edgar Hoover over at the FBI. It was a bunch of Democrats collecting all of this surveillance, conducting the surveillance. (interruption) “Caroline Kennedy’s dad.” Exactly.

Caroline Kennedy’s dad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s dad were monitoring, were wiretapping — bugging, if you will — the hotel rooms of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. You know, one of the amazing facts of history is that the real segregationists in this country leading up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 were Democrats, particularly southern Democrats in the Senate. Of course they had their fair share of southern Democrats in the House of Representatives as well.

Somehow, it was never held against the Kennedys.


But they’re the ones that were surveilling, wiretapping, bugging, and all that. When does this thing start? (interruption) Well, I know it started already. (interruption) Okay, when does Obama show up? Because the news media… I called this yesterday. I mean, every news story is about what Obama is gonna do, and how is Obama gonna do, and how’s Obama gonna turn this into something in his favor.


RUSH: What was that I just heard? Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta, has just proclaimed Trayvon Martin Luther King a martyr. You’re gonna hear that name a lot today, Trayvon Martin Luther King. Okay. From CBS Eyeball News in Washington: “Would Martin Luther King Jr. Support Obamacare? The president believes so.” We’ve got sound bites of this. This is Barack yesterday on the radio with Tom Joyner in the Morning talking about the MLK event.

Joyner said, “What do you think [Martin Luther King Jr.] would say about Obamacare?” Now, here’s the thing. Martin Luther King Jr. can now be used to promote anything. And in the process, I think if these people on the left are not careful, they’re gonna end up diminishing this man. They’re gonna commercialize this man and this speech, and they’re gonna turn him and what he stood for into a commodity. I mean, they’re dangerously close to commoditizing this now.

But I think this is the height of self-absorption, to have the president of the United States asked, “What would Dr. King think of Obamacare?” You know, based on what I have read of Dr. King… (sigh) Let me just say something here. Dr. King said a lot of things besides this speech. Erick Erickson quotes him at RedState.com. Erick, in a post today, cites his favorite Martin Luther King quotes. I’m just gonna paraphrase it here. I don’t have the thing in front of me.

But he said that, in one of his favorite Dr. King speeches, Martin Luther King made the point that no matter what you do, you do it the best it’s ever been done. If you’re the street sweeper, if your job is sweeping the streets, you sweep those streets the way Michelangelo used a paintbrush! You be the best you can be at it. That is your job here, and you meet up on the right side of God at the end of your life.

You live your life in a productive, be-the-best-you-can every day kind of way, and you meet up with God at the end of your life. And that should square the deal. Now, I have to tell you… I think a man who believed that, that no work was illegitimate, no work was beneath anybody, and that all work was such that it should be done the best it can be, I do think that kind of guy would sit there and be open to the idea of the government taking care of everybody.

If I were a devout follower of Martin Luther King, the question alone would bother me. Why stop there? What would Dr. King say about Benghazi? What would Dr. King think of Obama’s golf handicap? What would he think of black unemployment today? We kind of know that because his son, Martin Luther King III, has weighed in on it, and he’s not happy about it. What would Dr. King think of Barack Obama stripping African-American students’ school vouchers in Washington within the first six months of his presidency?

What would Dr. King think of Michelle Obama trying to determine everybody’s lunch menu at every school in America and traveling on her own government jet to Spain with her own entourage for a vacation? What would Dr. King think of Reverend Wright? What would Dr. King think of President Obama sitting in a pew in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years and then saying, “I didn’t hear him say that!” They’re commoditizing this man. They’re turning him into a billboard, an advertisement.

You can now use Martin Luther King to promote or sell anything.

So here’s Obama’s answer to Tom Joyner’s question, “What do you think [Martin Luther King Jr.] would say about Obamacare?”

OBAMA: Oh, he’d like that! Well, because, uh, I — I — I think he understood that, uh, health care, health security, uh, is not a privilege. Uh, it’s something that [in] a country as wealthy as ours, everybody should have access to.

RUSH: I think he’d probably think it’s something everybody should try to provide for themselves. If Martin Luther King is a man who can say, “If your lot is life is to sweep the streets, then you do it the best you can. You sweep the streets the way Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Whatever your job is, if it’s taking out the garbage, you just wherever you’re taking out the garbage the cleanest place in the world.”

A man who could tell people that, that no work was beneath anybody; there was no dishonor in any work, to do the best you can every day, max out and then square up with God at the end of your life, what would this man think of everybody being given a telephone? What would he think of 50 million Americans on food stamps? And look at what’s happening. Whatever question the Democrats want to ask about Martin Luther King, guess what?

He would totally support whatever the Democrat Party’s doing and believes. What would Dr. King think of 95% of black high school graduates unable to pass a standardized test? What would he think of the African-American dropout rate in New York City being 50%? What would he think of the fact that 73% of African-American kids are born to a single-parent family? “Oh, he’d be all for this, Rush! He’d understand why it’s happening. He’d understand the Republicans are making this happen.”

What would Dr. King think of all of the African-American babies being aborted every year? You know, I really think it’s a near crime what is being done here, to take the occasion of this man’s great address and what he stood for and basically hijack it for President Barack Obama. I would think, if I were President Obama, I’d be a little embarrassed I can’t stand on my own. I’d be a little embarrassed that I have to have a bunch of people out there say, “Oh, yeah!

“Dr. King would be all for this. Oh, yeah, Dr. King would be a hundred percent in on this. Oh, yeah.” It’s just amazing to me. I don’t know. What would Dr. King think of Obama’s election year support of gay marriage? Dr. King was the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. He was, among many other things, a man of the cloth. So he’s being hijacked, and people who cannot possibly answer these questions are presuming to know. This is no different than the Wellstone memorial or hijacking a funeral or what have you.


RUSH: Okay. So on the radio, President Obama was asked what Dr. King would think of Obamacare. (impression) “Oh, oh, he’d love it! Oh, he’d be right in there. Oh, he’d like that. He’d understand health care, health security, is not a privilege,” and so forth. “Martin Luther King’s Niece Is Suing To Block Obamacare — Dr. Alveda King, niece of the famed Martin Luther King, Jr., is looking to block parts of the Affordable Care Act.”

This is The Village Voice. “As part of the Staten Island-based outreach organization Priests for Life, King claims that the clauses mandating health insurers cover free contraception have ‘racist and eugenic roots.'” Hello, Margaret Sanger! So the niece of Dr. King opposes mandating that health insurance companies cover free contraception, as in the Catholic at Georgetown University, because she says Margaret Sanger is behind that. That’s the eugenics movement.

While everybody thinks Margaret Sanger was into family planning, what she was into… Dare I say it? Margaret Sanger and her fellow eugenicists were all about eliminating the black race. They were some of the biggest white supremacists to ever come down the pike, and Margaret Sanger is a liberal Democrat icon today. They love her because she was for abortion, Planned Parenthood. Why do you think that was? If you wanted to get rid of people, what would be a way to do it that didn’t appear to be a crime?

Just start a movement for those people to abort their children when they were conceived, and pretty soon there wouldn’t be any left. Hey, I’m not making it up — and here, right here: Dr. Alveda King. Here Obama just got through saying (summarized), “Oh, Dr. King would love my health care plan, ’cause he’d realize that people can’t take care of themselves, and he’d realize that health care is a constitutional right.

“He’d realize that the rich aren’t paying their fair share! He would realize we got tax everybody out of their own existence to pay for everybody have health care. Oh, yeah! He’d be down with that.” Well, Dr. King’s niece is suing to block it — and she’s right, by the way. Any biography of Margaret Sanger will tell you this. You know one of the first prototypes for Planned Parenthood was set up in 1929? You know where?

Harlem. One of the first prototypes for Planned Parenthood was 1929 in Harlem. Now, “‘Efforts to control the population always target minority and lower-income groups. We will not sit still and allow this to happen,’ says King in an August 19 statement.” So I think Dr. King’s niece much closer to him than Barack Obama, and she’s suing to stop it.


RUSH: Dr. Benjamin Carson has a piece in the Washington Times today about what Dr. King would think of things today. Let me give you the pull quote from this column by Dr. Benjamin Carson. “Perhaps the biggest disappointment for [Martin Luther King, Jr.] would be the wholesale adoption of a victim mentality that makes people feel that they are entitled to being cared for by others rather than working tirelessly to create wealth and opportunities for their progeny.

“The amount of wealth that resides within the black community today is staggering. If the black community, like Jewish, Korean and other cultures in America, learned how to turn over dollars within their own community at least a couple of times before sending them out into the larger society, they would create wealth.” Well, that dovetails exactly with the speech that Dr. King gave talking about work, and the street sweeper, that there was no work that was beneath everybody.

And if your lot in life was to sweep the streets, then you do it better than anybody ever did. Whatever you do, you do it the best you can. That’s what God wants of you, and then when you finish your life’s work, you don’t up with God and you square the circle. My words, not his, but that’s basically what he meant, and that’s pretty much is what Dr. Carson here is saying. He’d alarmed by black-on-black violence, the lack of families values, but “the biggest disappointment for King would be the wholesale adoption of a victim mentality.”

I have to think that’s far closer to what Dr. King would think, based on what Dr. King said, than what is being assigned to him today by a bunch of radical leftists who are trying to hijack the man and turn what he said into their own ideology. I said that this day would end up being about Obama as far as the media’s concerned, and, lo and behold, we have here a montage. It’s all about Obama standing in the same spot, standing on the same steps in the same place as Martin Luther King.

Here we go. It’s about 47 seconds, a montage of the Drive-Bys making the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech all about Barack Obama.

GAYLE KING: President Obama marks the anniversary of the March on Washington with his own speech from the steps!

JEFF PEGUES: (outdoor noise) The nation’s first black president, delivering a speech and standing where Dr. King did half a century ago.

WILLIE GEIST: To see an African-American president up there in front of the Lincoln Memorial…

NATASHA CURRY: HeÂ’ll speak at the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King Jr. said those famous words.

DON LEMON: (outdoor noise) In the same place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech…

PAULA FARIS: (b-roll noise) President Obama will speak from those very steps!

TAHMAN BRADLEY: (outdoor noise) Barack Obama will speak from the same steps!

ANDREA TANTAROS: AmericaÂ’s first African-American president will stand on those exact same steps.

KRISTEN WELKER: In the same place as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

JOHN KING: The nation’s first African-American President standing there on that sacred spot!

CAROL COSTELLO: (outdoor noise) Dr. King was such a powerful speaker. It would be hard to match, even for President Obama, whoÂ’s also a powerful speaker. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

RUSH: How many of you have been to the Lincoln Memorial? I have. I’ve been to those steps. It wasn’t any big deal. Nobody stopped the presses. “Hey, Rush Limbaugh’s in the same steps that Dr. King was!” How many of you been there? Every one of you who have been to the Lincoln Memorial have been to the same spot that Barack Obama’s gonna be today, but somehow when Obama’s there, why, it’s really, really special.

(New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, where is your sensitivity? Of course it’s special because Barack Obama is the first African-American president, and that’s why! You know, he’s president of the United States.” This is the problem: He’s the president of the United States. His policies and ideas are a disaster. It doesn’t matter what the color of his skin is. All this romanticizing the historical aspects of this presidency?

They were big, but for me they were over with after the first day. When I first heard the talk of the “stimulus,” I said, “Okay, we got the historical aspect out of it. Now we gotta deal with a radical leftist who owns the White House.” Not a radical black leftist. Not a radical African-American. A radical leftist. Look, I know they will never understand me. They think this is sacrilegious, what I’m saying here. What I just said is the most insensitive, the most sacrilegious, mean-spirited thing.

They will never understand. They really won’t. They’re just gonna be robotic in their reaction to it. They really don’t understand. They don’t. (interruption) Yeah. They claim they want colorblind and that’s what I am, and they don’t like it when they hear it. You know, these people are totally into symbolism over substance, and I’m not. I’m the mayor of Realville. I am about the substance and not the symbolism. Snerdley is right.

He says, “Yeah, you’ve had it. You can go home now, because you’ve taken care of business. You’ve done your business. You are guaranteed to be the topic tomorrow, ’cause they’re just not gonna understand this,” and they don’t. They claim they want a colorblind society, and then when they are faced with it, confronted by it, they think it’s racist! They think being colorblind is racist. They’re just a bunch of fools. They really are.


RUSH: What do you think would happen if Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas showed up at the Martin Luther King festivities today, actually up there on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? What do you think would happen? He’d not just be booed, they’d throw him out of there. Yeah, he’d be booed, but they’d throw him out of the place as well.


RUSH: I have not listened to any of this, of the King memorial. I’ve got it on the monitors, but I haven’t listened to any of it. I just got a note from a very, very… I mean, this guy tells me things, and e doesn’t exaggerate. He doesn’t editorialize. He said, “Rush, this thing has been totally hijacked. I mean, this thing has become totally radical. This is not anything to do with Martin Luther King,” which I not surprised to her.

I pretty much predicted this. I mean, Obama is a radical. Let me ask you a question, folks. Who do you think has personally faced more racism in America, Clarence Thomas or Barack Obama? Clarence or Oprah? Dr. Benjamin Carson or Barack Obama? I mean, real victims of racism are not on this stage, apparently, but that’s the only note I got. “This thing on The Mall is getting radical, Rush. It’s been hijacked,” and as I say, the guy who sent me the note does not make things up or exaggerate.


RUSH: The noted thriller author Brad Thor just tweeted that this is not a rally, it’s a wake. It’s the biggest collection of people who are, I forget exactly what he said here, but the opposite of what Dr. King stood for. It’s a wake. It’s like the Wellstone Memorial in a way.

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