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RUSH: This program yesterday, folks, hijacked — unknowingly — a Pac-12 college football coach conference call. We’ll let you hear how that happened when we come back.


RUSH: The annual conference call that the Pac-12 football coaches have with the media, leading up to the upcoming college football season. They do these things weekly. This was the first one of the season with reporters. During the Q&A, we have here what happened when an unidentified operator and a radio host were talking to the Oregon State head coach, Mike Riley, and suddenly a clip of this program ended up being heard online during the Q&A. It went on for a full minute, this is how it sounded…

OPERATOR: We have a question from Jay Reese from the Biggest Little Sports Talk Show in Oregon.

REESE: Hey, Coach Riley, how are you?

RILEY: Hello, Jay.

REESE: Good. I just wanted to know, Coach, were there any other positions that you contemplated as long as naming a starter outside the quarterback spot?

RILEY: Well, you know, I think that (beep)

RUSH: “– education in the state of North Carolina, but since –“

RILEY: — we have got —

RUSH: “– you’re a liberal, and you support choice –“

REESE: Hello?

RUSH: “– provided we’re talking –“

OPERATOR: Hold one moment.

RUSH: “– about dismembering children and not school vouchers, for those who weren’t dismembered, I want to give you some options, Ed. In fact, I’m gonna describe –“

RILEY: Uh, fix the line?

RUSH: “– the antics of 10 professors, official –“

REESE: Hello?

RUSH: “– campus groups and invited campus speakers –“

RILEY: Hello?

RUSH: “– in North Carolina and let you decide which constitutes the biggest embarrassment to higher education. 1) In the early spring semester of 2013 –“

REESE: Hello?

RUSH: “– a women’s –“

RILEY: Hello.

RUSH: “– studies professor –“

RILEY: Okay. Anybody there?

RUSH: — and a psychology professor —

OPERATOR: We didn’t mean it, whatever that was.

RUSH: “– at Western Carolina University –“

RILEY: Okay. Very good. Thank you.

RUSH: “– cosponsored a panel on bondage and S&M.”

RILEY: (chuckling) All right. Is everybody there?

RUSH: “The purpose of the panel –“


REESE: I don’t know if I want to listen to you or Rush Limbaugh.

RILEY: (laughing)

RUSH: So I don’t really know what happened, there. I think what happened here is, when you’re on a telephone call and they put you on hold, you hear music or something. The radio station where the Jay Reece guy was working, they had me on hold, and somehow the lines got crossed. Somehow this program ended up as one of the calls in the conference call with the Pac-12 coaches. I’ll tell you, it happened when I was detailing some of the outrageous, outlandish curricula items that the militant feminazis have installed at the University of North Carolina system.

Can you imagine these guys? They’re sitting there, of course, taking their football questions as the weekly teleconference, and Coach Riley gets a question about his quarterback — and all of a sudden they hear me talk about (laughing) dismembering children and not school vouchers and (laughing) bondage (laughing) describing the feminist curricula at the University of North Carolina? They eventually got it figured out, but at the moment, they were confused.

This program’s everywhere, is the bottom line, folks.

No matter where you go, this show is everywhere.

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