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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites.

This morning in Los Angeles, on the LA Times website, they posted video of fast-food workers holding a strike and a rally outside a McDonald’s actually in New York City. It’s about 15 seconds of a portion of the protest rally.

CROWD: Ha-ha! Ho-ho! $7.25 it’s time to go! Hey, hey!

MAN: Say what?

CROWD: Ho-ho!

MAN: Say what?

CROWD: $7.25 it’s time to go!

CROWD: Si, se puede! Si, se puede!

RUSH: Now, the question really is: Are these people doing this on their own or have they been organized? The obvious answer is they’ve been organized. Once you see them say, “Si, se puede,” and attacking the minimum wage, you now it. But it’s Obamacare. It’s Obama’s economy that they should be protesting. Obama’s economy, Obamacare is what has led to whatever circumstances make them unhappy.

And now we hear from the protesters. And again, this is the Limbaugh Theorem. None of them blame Obama. They’re just angry. I don’t know who they’re angry at, but they’re down on America. And again the LA Times website video is of fast-food workers outside a McDonald’s in New York. Here is a protester named Taisha, Taisha Backs, and she was explaining why she showed up.

BACKS: My name is Taisha Backs. I’m 27 years old, and I’ve been in the fast-food industry itself for about six years. And I’m here today striking for better benefits for fast-food workers, better wages, and the right to form a union without intimidation. We’re making $7.25 an hour. Surviving is not easy at $7.25 an hour. It’s hard. Can you do it? I can’t.

RUSH: That $7.25 an hour, is that intended to be to live on? It is an entry-level wage. It’s an entry-level job. The minimum wage is not designed to be a wage that supports a family of one or four. It’s entry-level. Anyway, Taisha Backs wouldn’t think that her problem is Obama, wouldn’t think that her problem is policies that come from an overreaching, expansive, way too big and powerful government. No.

What she’s doing is demanding the government fix something for her. Well, she’s had the government of her choice for coming on five years now, and yet she’s still mad at people who don’t have any power to affect her at all, at least not in politics. This woman’s obviously mad at the Republicans. That’s what she’s been told to be. But the point is that none of them blame Obama. They’re livid.

I guarantee you if there were a Republican president in the White House and everything else in this country were the same, everybody — led by the media — would be blaming the Republican president. Well, I know it’s not fair. I’m just telling you what is. My point is we don’t have to sit here and accept this. I, for one, don’t want to sit here and accept the notion that we are in an irreversible decline. I don’t buy for a second that this country’s best days are behind it.

I don’t buy for a moment that this country’s greatness has been an accident or a coincidence. There’s nothing wrong with this country that can’t be fixed by unleashing the American people. That’s what is required, and that’s all it would take. You have a leader who tells people, “You’re the reason this country’s great, you’re the people that make this country work, and I am gonna get things out of your way. I’m gonna get your taxes down, and I’m gonna limit regulations.

“I’m gonna let you have at it, and you go do what you want the best you can.” It’s possible. It happens every day in small groups of people. It happens every day on sports teams. It happens every day in schools. It happens every day in clubs or groups of friends. There’s no reason it can’t happen in a nation, especially when we know that it has happened in nation before, many times in this country. Now, same website, LA Times, and the same video of fast-food workers holding a strike and a rally outside a McDonald’s in New York.

Here’s an unidentified guy talking about how it feels to be part of the protest.

MAN: Today, I came out, as you can see. There’s a whole bunch of us here. It’s a great feeling like to have so much support behind you, and not you being the only person standing up for what you believe in. Everybody. It’s just not working, community leaders, attorney generals, councilmen, councilwomen, from different states. Everybody has shown support for what they know is right, and I’m… I feel truly blessed to be a part of this.

RUSH: He feels truly blessed to be part of this, and he’s so grateful for the people that were surrounding him, the politicians, the Democrat politicians who are with him. And he hasn’t the slightest idea that the people he’s thanking for showing up are the people who are actually responsible for his anger. If his anger is real — and I say that only because we must allow for the fact this whole thing is a staged, rent-a-mob type event, which the Democrats are famous for.

This whole thing could be ginned up and illegitimate. But to the extent that they’re putting it out so that people, low-information voters will watch it, the very things they’re upset about have been put in place by the very people they’re thankful to for having shown up. Well, let’s go back. February 10th, 2009, not yet one month into the regime. Obama had just been immaculated some three weeks earlier. It is a town hall meeting in Fort Myers, Florida.

This is 4-1/2 years ago in Fort Myers, Florida. A bunch of people ecstatic, joyful, ebullient, happy, brimming with expectation and hope and change, had just elected Obama. He’d just been immaculated three weeks before, and they thought utopia was straight ahead. That’s four, 4-1/2 years ago. These people protesting their McDonald’s wages and demanding that Obama do something about it need to hear what a guy’s expectations were four years ago. This is Julio Osegueda…
OSEQUEDA: Oh, this is such a blessing to see you, Mr. President! Thank you for taking time outta your day! (gasping) Ohhhhhhh, gracious god! Thank you so much! Oh! (gasping for air)

OBAMA: All right, what’s…? What’s the question?

OSEQUEDA: All right, Mr. President — heh, heh, heh — my name is Julio Osegueda. I’m currently a student at Edison State College in my second semester, and… Okay, I’ve been at the same job, which is McDonald’s for 4-1/2 years because of the fact that I can’t find another job. Now, with the fact that I’ve been there as long as I’ve been there, do you have any plan or any idea of making one that has been there for a long time receive any better benefits than what they’ve already received?

RUSH: Is this not ironic or what? Four-and-a-half years ago, a McDonald’s worker asks the newly immaculated Obama, “What you gonna do for me, dude? I’ve been at McDonald’s 4-1/2 years, and I can’t make it, dude! I can’t make it. What are you gonna do for me?” Well, it’s 4-1/2 years later, and the same McDonald’s people are asking the same guy the same question. Except they’re not associating their plight with him, and that is only going to change when the Republican Party decides to make a change.


RUSH: I’m gonna tell you one other thing. You McDonald’s protesters, what do you think is gonna happen when 11 million or 12 million people are given amnesty? They’re gonna take that job that you’re getting $7.25 for and they’ll do it for five bucks, and then what are you gonna do? That’s gonna be fun to see.


RUSH: Christopher, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, it’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey. Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: It’s an absolute honor to talk to you, sir. I want to raise an issue that I constantly hear liberals and Obama supporters make whenever they attempt to defend Obama’s disgraceful record, his massive debt, and the unacceptable unemployment rate going on for his term, and that is to blame Bush. “Well, we inherited this debt. He inherited this financial nosedive from Bush! Well, you see, Bush left us with the recession.”

What I always say when I come into contact with this argument is, “Okay, so you inherited a terrible situation from Bush. Shouldn’t that make it easier to improve even a little bit?” I always use the analogy: “Let’s assume that you buy a house or you inherit a house that is in shambles, that needs a lot of improvement, a lot of restoration. Now, because it’s in such shambles, even replacing the carpet or the drapes would be noticeable,” and they’d say, “Well, you’re not all the way there.” Yes, but these are obvious improvements.

Yet five years goes by and more things are falling off the house. How is that anyone’s fault but yours? How does that not fall on you?

RUSH: Great point. “Because Bush made it so bad, the mess that we inherited is so bad that we can’t improve on it. We just have to make do with what’s left.”

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