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RUSH: I waited too long to get to the phones yesterday. I always feel bad when I do that. So we’re going to start in South Whitley, Indiana, with Dillon. Great to have you on the EIB network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Okay, I wanted to go over that whole thing about the military strike and Obama’s idea of no boots on the ground, right?

RUSH: That’s right. This is like Clinton in ’95 in Sarajevo. Everything from 15,000 feet.

CALLER: Yeah. Here’s the problem with that, right? I spent time in the Army. I spent time in Iraq. Here’s the problem with only air strikes. You have no boots on the ground? How do you verify — keyword: Verify — that the targets were hit and that the strikes were effective? What are we going to do, carpet bomb the entire country and then not have to worry about it because it’s a glass parking lot?

RUSH: You know, you are to be forgiven for not understanding something here.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: How long ago were you active military?

CALLER: I got out back in 2008.

RUSH: That’s five years ago. Back then the stuff that you mention mattered, but a “surgical strike” on Syria will be automatically said to be an overwhelming success. Obama was in the Situation Room looking at his own heads-up display, watching the damage unfold on the big screens right in front of him! The pilots will offer the proof. There will be no questioning of it because it’s Obama, who cannot fail.

CALLER: (chuckling) Right.

RUSH: There will not need to be any evidence. The success of the mission will be pronounced the moment the bombs begin their plummet from the aircraft.

CALLER: Well, and at the same time, I mean, you’re talking about how we’ll put out all this stuff and the pilots are verifying that everything is done, everything was destroyed. At the same time, this situation is such a massively internationally watched event unfolding right in front of us that you and I both know exactly what will happen. We send the strikes, we bomb the targets, and we sit here and put out across all our news and media outlets — Internet, TV, paper, everything — that it was a resounding success. But then it just comes back around on us with the international community. “Well, that’s just the evil West, the infidels just saying that these things were destroyed.”

RUSH: That doesn’t matter. Nobody will see it. The infidels and the international community? They’re already responsible for this! Obama said so just today. They will never see. The American people will never see those news stories of people saying, “Wait a minute. We didn’t succeed here. We didn’t kill any rebels. Look at the women and children that died!” No. That will never be reported. We’ve sent the message: “Obama was a tough guy and that’s what the world saw and they’re now quaking in their boots, and that’s the end of the story!”

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