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RUSH: Mike, grab audio sound bite number five. This is F. Chuck Todd. This, I think, is just another illustration of why what’s happening is happening. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem, again. It was on the Today show this morning. The co-host Savannah Guthrie (who’s now engaged; eager to get married, I’m told), asked F. Chuck, “Obama faces skeptical world leaders, a skeptical American public. Are there any plans to have Obama address Americans?”

TODD: (echoing) Outside supporters of the president, former aides who are telling him he has no choice, he’s got to go to the country, he’s gotta do something in prime time, make this case. And to be totally politically crass about this Savannah, they believe, uh, he’s gotta provide the political cover for a bunch of Democrats particularly in the House. If this passes the House it’s gonna pass on the backs of Democrats, a lot of them who got elected on an anti-war, anti-Iraq platform a few years ago. And so the president has to provide that cover.

RUSH: So listen to this. F. Chuck is admitting here that Obama’s got to go on national TV, not to inform the nation. He’s gotta go on TV to provide cover, political cover for anti-war Democrats. And, in fact, I have here in the Stack of Stuff, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Matthews saying the exact same thing on MSNBC the other night. Well, I had it. What in the name of Sam Hill did I do with it?

It was in the Stack. Maybe I haven’t gone deep enough. Yeah. Understandably I put it at the bottom. Matthews, MSNBC, said Wednesday, “I think the Democrats are gonna be forced to sacrifice men and women who really, really don’t want to vote for this. They’re gonna have to vote for it to save the president’s hide. That’s a bad position to put your party in.”

That’s essentially what F. Chuck Todd is saying here. So we have a situation here where even the regime’s argument for intervening is becoming less coherent. And the only way it can pass is not on the merits — and not on whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing to do — but whether or not Obama can provide cover for anti-war Democrats in the House who really don’t want any part of this.

I love it.


RUSH: There’s a report at TheBlaze.com that the Congressional Black Caucasians are being told to shut up about Syria. I just saw it. It just cleared. The Blaze is saying that the Congressional Black Caucasians “have been asked to be quiet” regarding their opposition to what’s going on in Syria. I’m telling you, if the truth be told, they’re trying to keep this under wraps. The Democrat base opposition to this is huge, and they’re doing everything they can to gag these people.

All it’s gonna take is one of them to bust the dam, and one of them will. At some point one of them’s not gonna be able to take it. They hate this. They hate military. They hate war. They hate the military being used for war. They hate being hypocrites on it. They don’t want to be made to look like they support this. One of them is gonna break the dam and the whole thing’s gonna collapse, and I will be eagerly standing by to witness it.

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