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RUSH: You know, I’ve got a story here in the Stack about Hollywood leftists, led by Ed Asner and Mike Farrell. Now, they’re a couple of relics, but they are the leaders of the anti-war movement in Hollywood, and they’re still influencing young actors and actresses, and they are admitting they don’t like this at all. They don’t like this Syria business. They don’t like what’s going on in Libya. They don’t like Obama’s foreign policy at all.

But they will not go public with it, and Asner admitted why. They don’t want to be seen as “anti-black.” Bingo again. It’s the same reason the Republicans are not standing up and stopping this or opposing it. Nobody wants to be seen as anti-black, and so opposing Obama is not seen as opposing Obama. It is racism. It is perceived as being against black people. Because of the nature of this nation’s past in terms of slavery, whenever a black person reaches a position of power we’ve got to relax all the standards.

It’s because of the soft bigotry of low expectation, because of all the sympathy, because we feel so bad for what happened that they can’t do anything wrong. We’re not gonna permit that. It would just be so unfair. It’d be so unfair, the first black president to get there and be subject to criticism? It’s not fair! It’s not fair! We got a long way to go before we level the playing field on what happened in the days of slavery.

So even the most virulent anti-war protesters in Hollywood are afraid to speak up, because even more important to them than their anti-war position is their position on race — and don’t doubt that for a minute. The civil rights movement is why Hollywood is liberal. Eighty percent of it, minimum. Maybe 90%. D not doubt me. The civil rights movement, the marches in the sixties, all of that is exactly why Hollywood’s liberal on everything else.

When you throw in the first African-American president, you shut ’em up on anything else that they disagreed with. Not even Ed Asner and Mike Farrell or anybody else out there wants to even get close to being thought of as anti-black. That’s more important to them than anything else. They could sit by and watch Obama launch a massive attack and not say anything, because to be critical of it is to be anti-black. That’s practically a quote from Asner himself, and he wasn’t just talking about himself.

His full quote is, “A lot of people don’t want to feel anti-black by being opposed to Obama.” That’s the Republican Party as well, and that’s inside the Beltway formula. They’re just not gonna analyze this honestly, even if they know what it is. They’re just not gonna go there, folks. Nobody’s got the guts. Everybody is afraid of being called anti-black — and make no mistake: The Democrats and Obama and his advisers know it.

They love it, and they use it.

I would, too, if I were them.

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