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RUSH: Yes, we’re still number one at Amazon. We regained number one at Barnes & Noble. There are other things going on, folks, because of the level of pre-orders… Gosh, I don’t know if I should say this or not. When in doubt, what would I do? Say it, right? And then suffer the consequences later because I will overcome them, as I always do. Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. The pre-orders are huge, folks.

It’s not unprecedented what’s happening, but it is close, and because of the level of pre-orders, decisions on stock… Let’s put it that way: Decisions on how many copies to stock are being revised upwards, which is just incredible. I can’t tell you. Of course what this is, this book is a way of teaching what isn’t being taught. I didn’t know this. I learned yesterday from a phone call that there’s a movie coming out, Free Birds or something. Free Birds. It’s an animated cartoon movie.

Woody Harrelson does one of the voiceovers, and it’s about a couple turkeys that time travel, go back to Thanksgiving, and remove turkey from the first Thanksgiving dinner so that turkeys, of course, are spared. Animal rights, you know. But then it goes on to portray the Pilgrims as a bunch of really evil white guys that came to North America and perverted it and corrupted it and all that. This movie I found had been in production, or the idea back in 2009.

It’s been in development for four years, and they’re just bringing it around Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It is a genuine bastardization of American history, and it’s being done by a bunch of leftists, multiculturalists, who do not like this country and do not want kids, young skulls full of mush, learning the truth. Of course this book is to counter all of that, movies like that and what’s being taught in the schools that’s incorrect. There’s not a political agenda to my book, folks. There really isn’t.

There’s just true historical fact, and that alone’s gonna make it controversial, although there’s nothing in the book that is controversial. It’s just the truth of the Pilgrims and who they were and why they came and what happened to them when they got here. It does contain The True Story of Thanksgiving, and it’s an entertaining way to learn. It’s for kids 10 to 13, but it’s for everybody. I don’t like mentioning the age. It’s written for that age-group, but it’s for everybody.

If you are troubled by what kids are learning, I’m telling you, this is a great way to counter it, and that’s why it was written. It’s way of teaching what isn’t being taught. This book promotes the greatness of America, American exceptionalism, the kind of people that came here and overcame hardship and obstacles to realize their dreams. It’s a unique story. It’s a blessed story. It is a great story. It’s why we’re all here. It’s an attempt to give kids the truth.

The things you and I were all taught are no longer taught because the multiculturalists have taken over the curriculum. So it’s Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. Pre-order it. It’s at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble. It’s a pre-order, and it’s out October 29th. It’s 214 pages, a real book, and it’s got a price you can’t beat. We saw to that. It’s like $10 or $11. That’s before any discounts take place. It tells these kids who William Bradford was. It tells of the exceptional people, their stories of rags to riches.

They made it with hard work and determination, a little luck, and the grace of God. You read what William Bradford wrote, and much of that’s in this book. There was thanks to God consistently. These were religious people, the Puritans. That’s why they came: For religious freedom, religious liberty, liberty overall. It’s a great, great story. There’s nothing wrong with this story, except modern leftists hatred for whatever inexplicable reason. Again, it remains at number one in the pre-orders at all these places, and you all are just…

Well, I don’t know how to say it. We’re just blown away. We can’t thank you enough. Our appreciation and gratitude here is boundless. That’s the update on it. The pre-orders are such that all the retailers have said, “You know, we want more.” So it will be available on October 29th. Now… (interruption) Uh, no. Dawn just said, “You’re gonna create a panic that there isn’t enough stock.” Well, if you’re worried about that, pre-order. The pre-orders end up being delivered on October 29th. But there will be stock.

We’re not running this like Apple does with their iPhones: Announce it and then you gotta wait three weeks to get one. That isn’t gonna be the way this is. If you want it, you’re gonna be able to get it. We price this so we can buy multiple copies to give as gifts at Christmastime. You check it out.

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