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RUSH: Let’s go to Fort Collins, Colorado. Hi, Debbie. I’m glad you called. You’re next on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I have got an awesome example of outstanding efforts in patriotism, and it’s that recall effort that we did a smack-down on last night, and I’m telling you, Rush: It was the grassroots. It was the activists, the patriots. It had nothing to do with the GOP.

RUSH: You know, this is exactly right. I looked, and I don’t see any evidence the Republican Party had much to do with what happened in Colorado here. Folks, hear —

CALLER: They were MIA. They were absolutely MIA, and people were fed up with that unconstitutional legislation that we had coming out of that capitol, and they said, “Enough! We’re gonna take action into our own hands.”

RUSH: Well, I think it’s great. Folks, let me explain what happened, what Debbie’s talking about. “Two Democratic state lawmakers who backed tighter gun laws in the aftermath of mass shootings have been kicked out of office in a recall election promoted by both grassroots activists and the National Rifle Association.” That is an AP paragraph, Debbie. Now, they had to get —

CALLER: Love it.

RUSH: But it’s absolutely true. AP and the rest of the media thought that these two gun control advocates would survive this, and they were celebrating these guys as heroes and so forth. They cannot believe what has happened. You can feel the tears when you print this AP story out. The writer was dripping his tears on the page, ’cause they just can’t believe it.

This is a liberal state. If there was ever an opportunity to get rid of guns! You had two of these mass shootings there, you have a liberal state, and what this shows, once again, this country is made up of hardworking, decent patriots (we’re using that word today) who are not willing to sit idly by and watch their Constitution be taken away from them or unalterably changed on them.

CALLER: Rush, these people made thousands of phone calls. They worked thousands of doors in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. People would drive hours just to get into these districts to help out, to show that we are sick to death of this overreach of the government. We had the guys out in February that started the Angela Giron recall. They’re plumbers. A guy borrowed money from his grandmother to start this recall when we were told by the GOP that this was not in their strategic plan.

RUSH: Exactly. She’s exactly right, folks.


RUSH: I want to close the loop here in what happened in Colorado. ‘Cause, folks, you’re all looking for signs. Everybody’s looking for signs. This is it. This in Colorado, this is grassroots. This is a majority. This is people unwilling to sit by — and if they don’t have any political leadership to get behind, they will take matters into their own hands and do it. Our previous caller who said the grassroots made all this, she was exactly right.

“Two Democratic state lawmakers who backed tighter gun laws in the aftermath of mass shootings have been kicked out of office… “Senate President John Morse lost by just 343 votes Tuesday in a swing district in the Republican stronghold of Colorado Springs but Sen. Angela Giron lost by a bigger margin in a largely blue-collar district that favors Democrats,” and I’ve not heard her name pronounced so I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right. It’s G-i-r-o-n.

I don’t know. I’m not uninformed on this. I’ve just not heard her name pronounced. So here’s the thing about this. This is so typical. When the AP and the rest of the media thought these two gun control advocates were gonna win, they were celebrated as heroes. They were great people. They were saving America from this out-of-control “gun culture.” But now that they’ve been defeated, AP says here in the sixth paragraph:

“The recalls were seen as the latest chapter in the national debate over gun rights — and, for some, a warning to lawmakers in swing states who might contemplate gun restrictions in the future. But the vote also exposed divisions between the growing urban and suburban areas and more rural areas in a state where support for guns hasn’t really been a partisan issue.” Oh, really? So it has no big deal. “[S]upport for guns really hasn’t been a partisan issue.”

Look, the media really tried to make a national here after Angela Giron. (Am I pronouncing it right? Nobody knows. Okay. Excuse me.) They tried to make a national hero out of her because she is Hispanic. She is Hispanic, and she is from what they thought was a safe, heavily Democrat, Hispanic district. But she lost by an even wider margin than the other state senator, John Morse.

Now, some of you Republican consultants and strategists, you might want to take note here that an issue was won by running against an Hispanic Democrat. The grassroots in Colorado did not seek to be somewhat like this woman and win people over with good hearts and all that kind of stuff. They went out there, and they identified what she was trying to do and stood for.

They opposed her in Colorado, and they won. I’m gonna tell you what this demonstrates, what this shows. By the way, “this is the first time in Colorado history that a state lawmaker faced a recall effort and the biggest backlash in states that passed tougher gun-control laws following two mass shootings last year — at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater and a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school.”

It’s the first time in Colorado histoire that a state lawmaker faced a recall effort. Now, what this shows is the strength, the potential strength of conservative grassroots in a Democrat state. This demonstrates what wins: Conservatism. Do you know that Michael Bloomberg sent a bunch of money out there? The mayor of New York sent a bunch of money trying to support the two people that were being recalled.

His money and his influence didn’t matter. It shows that a lot of people think the Constitution still matters. It shows that the Rahm Emanuel’s mantra, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” doesn’t always work. It shows that no elected one is safe in that job if they don’t listen to their voters — and if the Republican consultants want to actually start winning elections again, there are all kinds of lessons to learn here.

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