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RUSH: Here’s Kathy in Freeland, Michigan. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. This is a complete honor that I’m speaking with you. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet. It’s my pleasure.

CALLER: Oh, I’m a Rush 24/7 member for four years now, and I listen to you every day. You’re just brilliant. Thank you for educating me.

RUSH: I can’t ask for more than that. That is great. Thank you so much.

CALLER: It’s awesome. I can now talk to people and actually explain conservatism, so thank you for that. But I’m calling because I recently tried to make an appointment with my family physician whom I’ve been going to for 27 years. She took over a practice that my father started in 1957 or ’58 in Saginaw, Michigan. He’s actually a doctor that you saw when you came to Saginaw Valley to speak, and I’ll never forget the day he came home so excited that he got to treat Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: You know, I was just thinking of that when you said Saginaw. Jay Leno had a performance the same day I was in Saginaw.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I got there, and I was in the middle of what I thought was a horrible case of bronchitis.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I couldn’t stop coughing, and the cough was bad. It scared people when they heard the cough.


RUSH: And somebody there suggested that I see a doctor. You know the person?

CALLER: That’s my father. You saw my father.

RUSH: I saw your father.

CALLER: Dr. Averill. You saw my father. Oh, maybe I shouldn’ta said his name. I don’t know. He’s retired, now.

RUSH: Oh, no, that’s cool. That’s fine.

CALLER: Well, he was a fan of yours and he’s a huge conservative and very active politically in Saginaw all his life also. But, anyway, he was honored that he was able to treat you. But my point today is this is a practice that’s been going on for many years — and mind you back in the day, you got in on a whim, didn’t you? Nowadays, with Obamacare implementing, these offices are going to this live computer system, and I called to get an appointment, and I was told that it would be at least two weeks to get in to see the doctor for something that’s going on with my stomach. I said, “Two weeks?” And mind you, I have an in. You know, they know me.

RUSH: Two weeks and it’s your father’s practice?

CALLER: Well, he’s retired, but, yeah. She took over for him.

RUSH: I understand that.

CALLER: So I have an in. Still, they said, no. I can’t get you in for two weeks. Well, why? Well, they cut her patient load in half because of going live on the computer system, because there’s so much data that has to be entered under this new mandate by the government that they can’t keep up. So they have to reduce their patient load by 50%.

RUSH: So what are you gonna do? What did you do?

CALLER: Well, I’m waiting. I could have seen the nurse practitioner in a week. That’s not my gig, but I’m waiting to see her. I mean, I’m not in a dire situation yet, but still, two weeks is a little long to get in to see the doctor. It’s never been that way.

RUSH: That is a shocker.


RUSH: Two weeks.

CALLER: America is in for a rude awakening.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s something interesting. You probably know this, but I keep learning things about Obamacare every day that I didn’t know. Do you know that when they get this thing up and running, everybody that goes to the doctor is going to be asked for their citizenship documents?

CALLER: Yes, there’s a new form. I just brought it to the ophthalmologist.

RUSH: You did?

CALLER: There’s a new form, and they were telling me about it. I saw the form, but I’m not implementing it in an office myself, but you have to answer what your race is, what you’re ethnicity is, and they told me people are getting upset. They’re like, “I don’t want to answer this.” And they think the office is asking for it, and my point to them was, “I hope you’re letting them know, every patient that complains, that they can thank the Democrat Party for this debacle.”

RUSH: Well, isn’t it amazing that the state of Arizona can demand citizenship proof, say, when they stop somebody that commits a motor vehicle violation, and Obama will sue them for that, but Obama’s own health care requires that patients produce their citizenship documents.

CALLER: And an ID, don’t forget that. They have to have an ID.

RUSH: An ID, right.

CALLER: They have to have an ID.

RUSH: But wait, but wait, but wait. Wait a minute, something doesn’t work here because we know that illegals are going to be covered under Obamacare.

CALLER: That’s pretty sad.

RUSH: All right, so how? They’re not gonna have citizenship documents, so how are they gonna get covered?

CALLER: That’s right. I guess they can just, I don’t know, make it up. Get a fake ID, I suppose. The ones that cheat the system always find a way to get around it, right?

RUSH: I tell you what, this is outrageous, that you need a photo ID to get medical treatment. Where is the social justice? What are they trying to, kill all the minorities? You know what they’re trying to do? They’re trying to keep minorities from going to the doctor. This is doctor suppression, by requiring a photo ID to go. Well, if that’s what they say about elections. If you need a photo ID to go to vote, Jesse Jackson says that’s voter suppression. Well, this is doctor suppression. They’re trying to keep minorities from getting treated. Photo ID. Where’s the social justice? I’m not kidding, folks. You’re gonna need citizenship proof. But yet illegals are covered under Obamacare.

So what do you think? How’s this gonna work? Obviously the illegals are not gonna be able to fill out that citizenship form or prove it, yet they’re gonna get covered. How’s that gonna work? (interruption) Who said they weren’t gonna cover illegals? Who said it? Okay, I know they said that, but I’ve read the opposite, and so have you. Here’s the way it’s gonna work. It’s gonna be just like voting. When this thing get fully implemented, Chuck Schumer’s gonna run to the nearest camera and say, “It’s just not American. This is not who we are. We have just granted these people a pathway to citizenship, we’re gonna start collecting their taxes, and they can’t vote? That’s unacceptable.” And there will be an immediate addendum to allow them to vote. And then there will be the same thing about Obamacare. “We’ve just granted ’em a pathway to citizenship and they’re not gonna be covered? What kind of country are we?”

There’s another AP story. That’s an AP story I just quoted to Kathy in Freeland, Michigan. There’s another AP story about people who feel they’re being left out because of politics, in Republican states that didn’t go for Obama exchanges — look, I don’t doubt this for a minute. I hate even having to think this way, but I guarantee you that by the time you get into a — look at who’s running these exchanges. You’ve got environmentalist wackos getting the money, Planned Parenthood getting the money, unions getting the money. I mean, you’ve got these local true believer ideologues, you walk in there, sign up with an exchange and you tell them you’re a Republican, what do you think is gonna happen to you? Back of the line, denial of coverage, it’s who these people are. It’s a recipe for lots of problems. I gotta take a break. Kathy, it’s great to hear from you. Thank you very much. I appreciate everything.

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