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RUSH: This is Ann in Littleton, Colorado. Glad you called. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey. Thanks for having me on. We thank God for you, that you’re on the air and talk about our God-given rights every day.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

CALLER: My husband has often wondered rhetorically what happens at the Rio Grande River. The north side, there’s prosperity, and on the south side there isn’t.

RUSH: You ever been to El Paso?


RUSH: You got the bridge. You got Juarez on the other side and El Paso, where Marty Robbins met a girl once. It’s a stark — you ought to see it. It’s a stark difference. And you do. You ask yourself, “What’s the difference?” I remember Phil Donahue once complaining that if he had just been born 50 miles south, he’d have been poor and destitute. Yeah, Phil, why is that? Why do you think that is? He just thought it was the accident of geography. He had no concept of why it mattered. If you were to answer that question, not rhetorically, what would you say?

CALLER: Well, because of our freedoms, because of American exceptionalism, everything you’ve been talking about today. And there is. It’s a stark difference right there at the border.

RUSH: Yeah, but the left would say, “See, see, why do you want to put down the Mexicans? They try hard. They work hard. There’s no difference between us and them, just they’re poor and on the other side of the Rio Grande they’re rich, and that’s the difference. And the Mexicans are poor ’cause the rich in Texas are keeping it from them.” That’s what the left would tell you. That’s what a Democrat would tell you.

CALLER: But it’s just not true. Another example or another place that was similar, how government makes a difference is Hong Kong before it was handed back to the Chinese. And maybe it hasn’t gone downhill as much, but there was a stark difference between Hong Kong and the rest of China.

RUSH: Well, it may not have changed much, but its on its way, otherwise Snowden wouldn’ta gone there. Hong Kong is its own. Hong Kong, before they gave it back to the ChiComs, Hong Kong was the most amazing — I mean it was sheer, unbridled capitalism on display every day, right in the street, in the stores. And then at night, Hong Kong, at least the Kowloon section, Tsim Sha Tsui became an entirely different town, area. The neighborhoods, daytime, nighttime, it’s just sheer, undiluted capitalism. And it worked.

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