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RUSH: “Republicans Introduce Plan to Stop Obamacare Without Shutting Down Government — Republican Rep. Tom Graves and 42 House cosponsors introduced a budget plan Thursday to defund Obamacare without forcing a government shutdown, placing pressure solely on the shoulders of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,” it says here.

“Graves’ Security, Stability, and Fairness Resolution is a continuing resolution budget bill that offers a fiscal year 2014 budget that keeps the government open but does not fund Obamacare. The Obama [regime] has already delayed the lawÂ’s employer mandate until 2015, after the 2014 midterm elections. The ‘Defund Obamacare’ campaign spearheaded by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has repeatedly been accused of seeking a government shutdown if Cruz’s demands are not met. Graves’ legislation relieves Cruz of that burden and puts Harry Reid in the crosshairs.”


That’s how it’s designed. It’s not that easy, as I read this. But that’s how it’s designed. Now, folks, man-made problems have man-made solutions, and Obamacare’s a man-made problem. So there is a man-made solution to this, but I want to throw something out there, and I will admit that it’s easy for me to say. I’m a guy on the radio. I am not a politician. I do not campaign for votes, and I realize that if I did, I couldn’t do it by making people hate me — or not making, but having people hate me.

So I realize that they’re in a different universe than I am, and so it’s easy for me and you and everybody else to sit from the outside and say what we would do if we were them, what we want them to do. We elect them; they’re our representatives. But if you take as the fundamental problem here that Obamacare fundamentally transforms this country from a capitalist to a socialist nation, and if you think that is one of the worst things that could happen, then why would you put any limits on damage incurred to stop it?

If you want to save the America that was founded, and in the process the government might shut down, so what? You want to save the country as founded but, “Oh, my God! Government shut down? Oh, we can’t do that,” then maybe it’s not that really important. A government shutdown? Big whoop. Now, I know what you’re saying. “But, Rush, a government shutdown is gonna be blamed on the Republicans, and they’re gonna lose in 2014, and they’re gonna lose in…” I don’t know.

I’ve got it here in the Stack. Conservatives have elected leaders in three countries in the last couple of weeks — Australia, Norway, and someplace else. The guy in Australia, the conservative that was elected, ran and his number one agenda item was anti-global warming. I think the Republican Party’s totally missing the boat. I think a conservative agenda is the route to massive victory, 2014, 2016. Opposing what’s happening now, stopping what’s happening now.

“But, Rush! But, Rush! There might be a government shutdown!”

If you’re gonna let the fear of a government shutdown stop you, then what you’re doing, you may not even consider… That, to me, is a small price to pay if you really believe that this Obamacare thing is that bad. But again I say, easy for me to say; I’m not an elected official, and if the government does get shut down, I’ll tell you who’s gonna get blamed. Well, I probably will. But I don’t care.

I’m, frankly, not that upset by a two-week government shutdown anyway, ’cause it never really shuts down. The dirty little secret is it never really shuts down. All of the entitlement checks are continually cut to go out. People do not stop receiving their benefits. If we’re trying to save the country as founded, we’re pretty close, objective-wise, to what the Founders were trying to do in establish the country. We’re trying to save it. They tried to establish…

Do you think whatever the equivalent back then of a government shutdown would have caused them to give up the revolution? No. I’ve always been uncomfortable with this idea, “Oh, we can’t do that, there’s a government shutdown!” What’s so bad about that? “Well, in 1995, Rush, remember what happened. We got shellacked!” Well, we actually didn’t. It was not the debacle they say it was. I mean, it was in the media, but in real life it wasn’t.

But for way too many people what’s in the media is real life — and, of course, real life isn’t real. Anyway, the plan here apparently defunds Obamacare. It’s a House plan. There’s Cruz in the Senate. The House plan defunds it while keeping the government open. That’s fine if they can do it. It doesn’t matter. I’m just questioning how serious you are you if the fear of a government shutdown is gonna stop you. I

know it’s it is not gonna bother the supporters of defunding it. I know our pals in the Tea Party. FreedomWorks and all these other grassroots groups, do you think they would stop their efforts to defund Obamacare because there might be a government shutdown? But again they aren’t elected officials either, although are close to them, and are responsible for quite a few of them being elected. But it really is something.

I mean, you listen to people talk, and think what’s at stake here. It’s saving the United States! Many Republicans have that opportunity, manmade problem, Obamacare, manmade solution, save the United States — and they control the House. There’s more power there than they realize. I know the House leadership is not in favor of it, for a various and sundry number of reasons.

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