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RUSH: Spirit Lake, Iowa. This is Jill. So glad to have you on the program today. Jill, hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Happy Friday the 13th to you.

RUSH: Thank you. You know, you’re right. I’d forgotten that. It didn’t even register.

CALLER: I called for two reasons today. The first one is to wish you and I a happy anniversary tomorrow. Twenty-one years ago tomorrow I started watching your TV program when it started, and that began you as a part of my family.

RUSH: Twenty-one years. You know the day twenty-one years ago you started watching? I wouldn’t know that. If somebody asked me, “What day did your TV show debut?” I wouldn’t know.

CALLER: Well, I was talking to my husband about it and we got married in ’92 and we’d only been listening a few months when I first started listening to you.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: My parents had listened to you for a long time so I knew of you but I didn’t ever really listen too much, and so we were newlyweds and my mom said, “Hey, Rush is gonna have this new TV show.” So we started watching, and from there we started listening and we’ve been listening ever since, and my husband and I knew the date. I was trying to remember when the show started, so I looked it up online, and it was September 14, 1992.

RUSH: Congratulations to you — and me, too. But thank you very much.


RUSH: You flatter me. You really flatter me. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Real quick, I have a 911 story for you.

RUSH: A 911 story?

CALLER: Yes, to add to your list of 911 stories.

RUSH: You mean like in Port St. Lucie, that kind of 911?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Absolutely. Yeah. My son was at his friend’s house and I went to pick him up the other day. He was over there hanging out, and I go in, and his mom was telling me the story about how there was a bat in her house, and she couldn’t get it out. She couldn’t get it out, and so she called 911.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I know. Yeah.

RUSH: Somebody called 911 for a spider. Somebody called 911 for a spider on the back of the sofa, and a policeman actually went to the house to kill the spider.

CALLER: Yeah. A police officer came to her house and got the bat out. Yep.

RUSH: Why wouldn’t you call an exterminator?

CALLER: I don’t know. I didn’t really say anything. I just kind of laughed.

RUSH: You know, more important, how does a bat get in your house? That’s what would worry me. If I had a bat in my house, I would wonder, “Is this the only one, and where did it come from?” That would bother me tremendously. Well, anyway, that’s great. Twenty-one years ago, my TV show debuted. I would never have known that.

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