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RUSH: This morning on CNN, live coverage of the Navy yard shootings. Carol Costello, the infobabe at CNN, speaking with the correspondent Brian Todd about the shootings, and — if you can believe it — said this.

COSTELLO: I used to work in Washington, live in Washington. This seems so unusual to me, that a gunman could, duh, create this kind of havoc at a US military facility. This is so unusual, because this is such a heavily secured military facility! I worked in Washington for many years; I’ve never heard of such a thing happening.

RUSH: You heard that right. Carol Costello, lead anchorette infobabe in the morning for CNN, just can’t believe that something like this, a random shooting, could happen at a military installation. She can’t recall it ever happening. Have you ever heard of Fort Hood, Carol? Do you know what happened at Fort Hood, Carol?

“Yes, Mr. Limbaugh, I do. That was ‘workplace violence.'”

“Oh, that was not a shooting and a havoc, a gunman at a military facility?” How many people died at Fort Hood? How many people were injured at Fort Hood while the perpetrator was shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” while pulling the trigger? She doesn’t remember that? So after Carol says that she’s never heard of a shooting on a military installation before, the CNN correspondent, Brian Todd, weighed in.

TODD: Well, we haven’t, either, in this area, Carol. This is the first time we’ve seen something like this at least in many, many years. Now, of course you remember the — the Fort Hood shooting in 2009 where that was a member of the service who was convicted eventually of doing that shooting.

RUSH: That’s called, “I’m gonna try to bail my anchor out here while telling her, oh, she’s right. Of course, Carol, you’re right — in this area, Carol — but of course we all remember, and you remember, Fort Hood.”

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