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RUSH: Now, to the news. As America’s Anchorman, I am finding something very curious.

You know, a couple days ago Obama went out there and really behaved in an inappropriate, uncouth way. It was certainly no class. There was no dignity in what he did. He went out and paid lip service to people being shot at the Navy yard and then launched into a partisan attack filled with untruths and misrepresentations about the Republicans as it relates to the upcoming continuing resolution fight, the debt ceiling fight, the defunding of Obamacare and all that.

He just launched into ’em, and here I have here the Mediaite has a story on Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) and Chuck Todd sitting around worrying that Obama really did blow it, that his behavior a couple days ago was one of the worst mistakes he could have made for the low-information crowd, because they can’t cover for it. They can’t explain it away. They’ve tried, “Oh, he’s so busy; oh, he’s got so many responsibilities,” but they can’t.

So Andrea Mitchell and F. Chuck were surmising that at the White House, well, they really wish they had that day back. It really doesn’t seem like they’ve got their footing here. “First on Syria and now this,” said Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington), and then F. Chuck said, “Yeah, I think they wish they had yesterday back. They’re not saying it, they’re not saying it, but you can feel it.” Grab sound bite number 13. I think this is part of it, anyway.

This is F. Chuck on CNBC’s Power Lunch yesterday talking about Obama’s speech and his appearance and everything, and the co-host at CNBC said, “The president’s been criticized the past 24 hours, making a speech about the financial crisis, the speech came in the middle of the shootings,” blah, blah, blah. F. Chuck, “is this an instance of a guy who’s usually very tone adroit?” Have you ever heard that phrase, “tone adroit”? For those of you in Rio Linda, that means skilled. So what they mean is here’s a guy who’s really aware of his surroundings. But he was tone deaf that day, F. Chuck?

F. CHUCK TODD: Their official stance on this — and I’ve talked to aides, and I hear no regrets on what they did, that they defend what they did and they feel like they addressed all the major topics of the day. The shooting at the top of his remarks, then the Syria thing and then going into the fifth anniversary. But I get the sense that, had they had to do it over again, that they might have done things differently, maybe stacked the speech differently, maybe not had people behind him. I could tell you, it just seemed off.

SUE HERERA: It just didn’t feel right. It just didn’t work.

RUSH: See? Everything is still about him! Everything still is about Obama. “Yeah, it just didn’t feel right. Yeah, it just seemed off. Yeah, he shouldn’t have had the people behind him. He shouldn’ta had the props behind him.” I think it was on MSNBC where F. Chuck said, “Yeah, you know, they wish they had yesterday back.” I wish that we had the last five years back! These guys are all worried about a lost day, but all of us are worried about a lost five years.

But that’s not the only one.

Did you see The Politico? The Politico is asking, “What’s wrong with President Obama?” And they mention that what’s wrong with Obama might even be his mind. We haven’t seen this kind of racism in the Drive-By Media in I don’t know how long — I mean, real racism rebuke aimed at Obama. We’ve seen racism aimed at George Zimmerman, but we’ve not seen this kind of racism aimed at Obama in the Drive-Bys.

“What’s wrong with President Obama?” They mentioned it might be “his mind.” Here, from the article: “The president’s harried, serial about-faces on Syria — coupled with the collapse of Larry Summers’ candidacy for chairmanship of the Federal Reserve — have combined to highlight some enduring limitations of Obama’s approach to decision-making, public persuasion and political management.”

Oh, now they tell us. Now they tell us the guy doesn’t know what he’s doing! He doesn’t know what he’s doing, and now he is confronted by his own inability to know what he’s doing. Here’s even more from The Politico piece. “Here is a short list, based on nearly two decades of close observation of the presidency, of what’s wrong with Obama — at the moment, anyway,” and what’s at the top of the Politico list? “His mind.” I kid you not.

It’s like they’re questioning his sanity, in The Politico!

I’m not making this up. How odd is it that The Politico should run a story about Obama’s mind when everybody is saying after the Navy yard shootings that now is the time to finally address the problem of mental illness in our society. I wonder if the Politico… Nah, they couldn’t be! No way. This has to be a coincidence, that The Politico is worried about Obama’s mind while at the same time our culture is asking itself, “Why are we not addressing mental illness?”

I think if they can ever prove that Aaron Alexis ever played football, had a concussion… Can you imagine? Can you imagine the ducks in a row they could line up?

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