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RUSH: Since it came on the air, Fox News has been entirely, totally, thoroughly, excitedly, eagerly supported on this program and people there were defended countless times — endlessly. And, look, I don’t expect that to purchase anything. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean I expect to buy like-minded treatment, but I really don’t expect the kind of — I don’t even know how to characterize it. I mean, Brit Hume actually picked up liberal talking points about me, the Republican Party, and people being afraid of me. Monday night. I’m not even gonna set it up. Just hit it.

HUME: I’m not sure youÂ’d say theyÂ’re calling the shots. But make no mistake about it, Bill, some of these radio talk show hosts have real influence. They have a huge following particularly in very conservative areas where they are most popular and where the many members of Congress who inhabit those areas are not worried about being reelected if they can get nominated. But they are worried about a primary challenge that could deny them the nomination. Go a long way to avoid it and keeping radio talk show hosts off their back is one way of doing that.

RUSH: I’m used to hearing that from The Politico. I’m used to hearing that on MSNBC. I’m also used to hearing that from Republican consultants, the architects of losing elections. So then O’Reilly followed up, “Do you believe that in Congress, if somebody has to run every two years as they do, and they get on the wrong side of a powerful radio voice –” and he had mentioned my name in a previous question I didn’t read. “– they can really do them bad damage,” these radio guys, this powerful radio voice, “if they promote the other guy?”

HUME: If you’re sitting over in the House of Representatives and some measure to defund Obamacare comes along and you think it’s a suicide mission because it might involve a government shutdown you’re going to be hesitant to oppose it anyway because you don’t want the — the most conservative — you don’t want the Tea Party and you don’t want the conservative radio talk show hosts on your back.

RUSH: Fox News has now fallen in with this idea that Republican elected officials are afraid of this show. Note that they apparently are not afraid of Fox News. Whatever that means.

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