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RUSH: Again this morning, the esteemed leader, Barack Obama, went out to some community college in the Washington area, somewhere in Maryland, to sell Obamacare. He went out there to tout the glories of Obamacare. Now, why? When Ted Cruz gets up, makes a speech about it, everybody says, “Come on, Ted, sit down. It’s the law of the land.” Well, what’s Obama doing? It’s the law of the land. Why is Obama out touting this? But I have an even better question, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s this.

Why didn’t Obama tell Congress a couple of weeks ago what a wonderful thing Obamacare is? He’s out there touting it to this audience in Maryland, and he’s gonna be on the campaign trail a lot selling Obamacare, talking about how wonderful it is, how rotten and dastardly the Republicans are for trying to stop it and defund it. But he’s basically out telling everybody how wonderful it is. Well, the question is, why didn’t he go to Congress a couple weeks ago and tell them how wonderful it is instead of giving them a taxpayer subsidy for 75% of their premiums?

He didn’t tell this audience today that they’re gonna get 75% of their premiums subsidized. He told them how wonderful it is. He told them how inexpensive it is. He told the audience today how great it is and how cheap it is and they’re gonna get to keep their doctor, and all these things the Republicans are saying is a bunch of lies. Though he went up to Congress two weeks ago, and they complained about it and he said (summarizing), “Okay, okay, I’ll make sure that 75% of your premiums get subsidized.” So why didn’t he tell Congress how wonderful it is two weeks ago instead of offering to help them pay for it?

My point is, if it is so wonderful, if it saves so much money, if it has all of these marvelous benefits, why didn’t he tell Congress that two weeks ago when they were complaining about how much it costs? And why doesn’t Obama go to the unions and tell them what a wonderful thing Obamacare is? And why didn’t Obama meet with the 300 restaurant franchisers who were on Capitol Hill last week and tell them about the glories of Obamacare?

No, ladies and gentlemen, as usual, he only goes before an audience made up of college kids and other low-information voters who know even less about what he’s talking about than he knows. Which is not hard to do. The bottom line is, Obama doesn’t care about these details. He doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about them. All he wants is this thing implemented fully because the objective here really doesn’t have that much to do with health care. He doesn’t care about the details except when the people he needs complain about it, then he’ll give ’em what they want.

I mean, can you imagine a defund Obamacare effort, how much more likelihood it might hold if members of Congress really were upset with how much it was gonna cost ’em? But then Obama came up and took care of that. He’s gonna subsidize 75% of their premium, so they now don’t care. But if he hadn’t subsidized 75% of their premiums for Congress, Senate, and their staffs, then they might not be so eager to have this thing fully funded and implemented. But Obama took care of them. But when he goes out to these low-information audiences and college kids, he doesn’t care. He just tells them how wonderful and how great it is, and they’ll deal with it later.

You really have to wonder, if Obamacare is so great, why did Congress demand to be exempted from it? And they did. I mean, they demanded to be exempted from it like the elites demand to be exempted from everything they subject all the rest of us to. Why are the unions trying to get their own carve-out? Why is everybody trying to make some move to get their own carve-out or waiver from this thing if it is so wonderful? In fact, if it’s so wonderful, why does it even need to be sold at all? Why does Obama have to go out there and tout the thing, if it’s so wonderful? I mean, it ought to just sell itself, shouldn’t it?

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