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RUSH: I think not only is it predictable, in a way it is understandable. I got an e-mail during the break: “Rush, the Drive-Bys are doing what today? They’re telling everybody how bad this is looking to be, meaning Obamacare. Where do the Drive-Bys get their information, Rush?” They get their information from the regime. So the regime is flooding the zone yesterday and today with how bad and how expansive and how shocking and how whatever other term that’s negative you conjure up, Obamacare’s gonna be next week when it’s implemented.

“But wait, Rush, wait a minute. Rush, what if they’re flooding the zone knowing that it isn’t gonna be anywhere near this bad so that people end up being pleasantly surprised?” In other words, what if the regime is really lowering expectations by design and on purpose? Now, this has happened before. Let me dig deep into my memory. During the Clinton-Lewinsky saga one day Bill Clinton was forced to testify under oath, be interviewed, interrogated by the special prosecutor. At the end of Clinton’s testimony, a story filtered out that a particular question had really upset Clinton and he had really gone nuts answering this. His eyes got wide and he was just beside himself.

They set everybody up, everybody was waiting to see this. They’re gonna release the tape, the audio and videotape of the interview. And this went on for a day, maybe a day and a half. And we were all expecting — you remember this, Snerdley? We were all expecting to witness Clinton losing it, and we watched it, and there was nothing. There was one moment with one question where his eyes got real big for like a half a second, and then he gathered himself and went on.

It turns out everybody had been set up to believe that Clinton had gone off the deep end in a question about cigars and oral sex or whatever, and he didn’t. And so now since, you know, people remember that, are beginning to wonder, could the same thing be happening here? Lower expectations so much that when it all starts next week and half of this doesn’t happen, then everybody who’s been ripping it to shreds and highly critical of it is fully discredited. This is the degree of distrust that people have for the regime.
Now, if that scenario is the case, I wouldn’t be surprised. They’ve been floating all these very high premium estimates so they’ll be able to say that premiums aren’t as high as it was estimated they would be if that turns out to be the case. I mean, the regime is talking, premiums through the roof and so forth. But there’s one thing that mitigates this. The story about the high deductibles had to be put out before next week, because the exchange sites are going to actually spell all that out. The high deductibles are real. Those are not exaggerated. They are not amplified. The high deductibles are real. And people are gonna be very shocked to see how high the deductibles are. That is going to happen.

Now, we’ve already had a couple of callers who have checked out the new rates in their states, and they were complaining about the premiums and the copays and the deductible. So we know that that is going to happen. And even the Obamacare caps, if they are ever implemented, are still many times higher than the average deductions now. And people are gonna be surprised to see how small the tax subsidies turn out to be. If you make over $47,000, you’re not gonna get one red cent of subsidies, and $47,000 is the average income in the US.

So while it is totally rational to think that the regime would be setting us all up with their media partners, there are certain things that are going to happen, that are going to surprise people. And we also know that they’re telling us the software isn’t ready to go at the exchanges, that the software glitches are just monumental. Now, are they lying about that, and is the software just gonna be smooth as silk? Only time will tell. But I find it fascinating that there are people worried that we’re all being set up and it’s actually gonna go, compared to what we’re hearing, pretty smooth, and people aren’t gonna have a problem with it at all. It wouldn’t, as I say, surprise me if the regime is trying some of that. But as I say there are some really big shocks that are heading for people, the deductibles are just one.

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