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RUSH: We got a new kitten. We waited an appropriate amount of time. We went out and got a new kitten, a new Abyssinian, a tawny. And this little cat — I’m going to have to send some pictures up to Koko over the weekend. This little cat — Punkin was an adult cat as a kitten. It was the most amazing thing. This little kitten is a kid.

This little kitten is like every kitten you’ve ever seen, just gets into everything. No, I don’t think I’ve got a kitten unlike everybody else’s. Everybody’s got these same stories, but I mean this little kitten tries to find every wrong place to go, every dangerous place to hide, but it’s the most affectionate little thing.

So, anyway, they’re late nights, and the cat is all over me in bed. Just the most fun thing.


RUSH: Now, now, look. I’ve got a lot to do after the program today. If I have time, before Koko leaves — well, before Koko and the website staff leave for the day. They leave about 10 after three. No, I’m just kidding. I’ll try to get a couple of pictures of our new kitten up there to ’em. But I’ve got beaucoup stuff I have to do, high-tech stuff I have to do after the program today. But I’ll try to get a couple up there.

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