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RUSH: Dr. Drew Pinsky was on Anderson Cooper 222 last night. Anderson Cooper said to Drew Pinsky, “I don’t know all the details of what exactly is covered. It’s an incredibly confusing thing. I spent all day reading about it.” This is about Obamacare. Drew Pinsky talked about the people he treats and deals with and what they think about it.

PINSKY: There’s really another interesting layer to this that people aren’t talking about. Today, I often spend a lot of my time finding resources for people who don’t have insurance. So today I had three calls. I said, “Good news.” (bangs table) “You can sign up for Obamacare today.” Not interested. Not so interested in spending money. Just want care. To get people that have never done this before used to the idea that, not only they have access, they can get this coverage, they must do this —

COOPER: Because the people you’re talking to feel that they can fall back on the social safety net —

PINSKY: The safety net.

COOPER: — emergency rooms visits and whatever.

PINSKY: They’re used to using the safety net, which is unfortunate. We’ve almost acculturated ourselves to this safety net.

RUSH: There’s Drew Pinsky, Dr. Drew Pinsky, explaining that the people he deals with say, “What do you mean, pay for it? I’m not going to this website. What the hell? I’ll just do the emergency room if I get sick. I’m not going to any website here. I’ll just fall back on the social safety net. I’ll be taken care of,” and then he finished. He added this…

PINSKY: There’s hubristic part of this to an which is the idea that people who are uninsured can go online. I can’t get my healthy, educated young males to go online and sign up for any insurance. My uninsured, uneducated, perhaps stricken-resourced population to get on line? That’s hubris to say, “Oh, just go online and sign up!”

RUSH: Most of his patients… He’s saying that most of his patients don’t know how to do this anyway. “What? You’re asking me to go online and sign up for what? Medical care? Health insurance?” They’re clueless. This is a guy on CNN, and he’s admitting that the people he deals with and treats haven’t the slightest idea of two things. They haven’t slightest idea what’s going on and when they find out, “Well, I’m not doing that. I’ll just rely on the social safety net.”

Big surprise, huh?


RUSH: So let me summarize what Dr. Drew Pinsky was saying in his appearance on CNN last night. He says nobody’s gonna want free health care if they have to pay for it. (summary) “What do you mean, sign up on a website? I’m not gonna sign up on a website. Pay for it? I’ll just use the social safety net, that’s what I’ll do.” Now, I don’t even think they use those terms. That’s just his term for whatever they say to him, but it boils down to nobody’s gonna wanna want free health care if they have to pay for it.

I think he’s being polite. What Pinsky is saying is that Obama’s constituents aren’t gonna be able to figure out how to sign up online. If I translate that correctly, and I usually do understand these things, he’s being polite. He’s saying that Obama’s constituents aren’t gonna be able to figure it out.

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