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RUSH: Audio sound bites. The CNN babes, they also tried to go to HealthCare.gov whatever it is and log on and get an account, and get enrolled and so forth, and they didn’t like “the twirly thing” that they saw. We have here Brooke Baldwin, the anchorette, speaking with senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen about problems on the first day of online sign-up for Obamacare. Brooke Baldwin said to Elizabeth Cohen, “So you guys hit a wall out there? We’re here in Georgia. What about other states? Similar issues?”

COHEN: The CNN medical team branched out, and we tried in about 20 different states, and in 12 of them we hit glitches, and sometimes it just made it impossible to sign up. There were error messages or that little annoying kind of, like, twirly thing —

BALDWIN: I hate the twirly thing!

COHEN: Hate it! Hate it! Right?


COHEN: So, yeah, in many cases you just couldn’t sign up.

RUSH: Wow. They hate the twirly thing. But, you know, not even these two were buying Obama’s Apple comparison. After discussing problems with signing up in several states and how they hated the twirly thing, they kept talking.

BALDWIN: President Obama, he addressed this, speaking at the White House earlier sort of likening it to glitches with Apple. He had said, you know, issues with iPhone when it first rolled out, you know, but this isn’t necessarily like the iPhone.

COHEN: Right. I mean, my iOS 7 works. I just sent someone an e-mail, you know, it works. This I couldn’t even sign up, and some states that we tried, we could get to the sign-up point, but in many cases we just hit a wall. They say they’re trying to speed it up.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a twirly thing out there. Again, the big difference between Obamacare and Apple is that nobody’s forcing you to buy anything Apple makes and they’re not forcing you to install iOS 7, and they don’t have an army of IRS agents running around the country determining whether or not you have or have not bought an Apple product and gonna fine you if you haven’t. And they didn’t have a glitch when they rolled out iOS 7 anyway, like Obama and Sebelius said.

But that was a stretch. I mean, even for CNN to point this out, that that was a stretch comparison, that was a stretch. But, but, folks, I gotta tell you, I read all of my tech blogs last night, and every one of them reported what Obama said without comment, which is the same as endorsing it. Not one of them editorialized in any way. They just reported what Obama said, and that was it, which is a tantamount stamp of approval.


RUSH: I just got a note from a friend who said, “You need to make one more point about Apple, and it’s how many heads would roll at Apple if they had spent untold millions of dollars advertising for a website that turned out to be nearly impossible to access?” That happened. It was called MobileMe. It was the forerunner to iCloud and Steve Jobs fired everybody. After a certain passage of time Jobs had a meeting with the MobileMe team and they went in there thinking it was gonna be a pretty good meeting, and Jobs said, “Can somebody here tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?” And one of the team members stood up and described it. And Jobs said, “Then why the hell doesn’t it?”

Everybody got broomed, for the most part, and they pretty much shelved it, and that’s when they developed iCloud. In fact, MobileMe members were given complementary storage on iCloud, which just expired. You mighta gotten your threatening note, Snerdley. But it has happened. Yeah, iCloud works. Well, iCloud is two things. On the consumer side it’s working fine. Developers are having big trouble with it. Something called Core Data Sync. I’m not gonna bother you with the tech angle. They’re working on it. The consumer-facing side of iCloud’s flawless, perfectly fine. iOS 7’s fabulous, it is. That’s why the audacity of this comparison, and nobody calls him on it. I mean, not one person.

Can you imagine if George Bush — I even had to read on my tech blogs how Barack Obama, the superior and far more tech savvy president we’ve ever had, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What a crock. But it’s what I’m talking about. We are groveling to and designing for and building for the low-information among us. And when you strip it away, I’m telling you, that’s what really is irritating you, or bothering you. That’s what upsets you. Nobody in a leadership level in American politics is trying to inspire the American people. And everybody needs to be goosed. The vast majority of people are not self-starters.


RUSH: Dingy Harry yesterday on Capitol Hill, congressional Democrats had a press conference, and Obama earlier had compared the first day of activations, if you will, for Obamacare to Apple. Dingy Harry wanted to get in on this, and he compared it to Google.

REID: I had a meeting less than a year ago out in California, San Francisco area, with one of the original founders of Google. He told me when they first came online, oh, did they have problems. They had problems because too many people wanted to use Google. Their computers kept crashing. Well, we have a few problems today. Why? Because in New York alone, during the first few hours we had two and a half million people want to sign up.

RUSH: Oh, man. Is this not pathetic? (imitating Reid) “Well, yeah, the Google guys, they told me when they first came on they had no idea, big problems, too many people wanted to use Google, their computers kept crashing.” It’s servers, Dingy Harry, servers. Not computers. It’s a fine point, but people that know what they’re talking about call ’em servers. Dingy, you guys have had three years. You have limitless amounts of money. You theoretically have access to the best and brightest high-tech people out there. You tell us that only you can provide services for people?

Senator Reid, you and President Obama and all the rest of you in the Democrat Party extol your virtues all the time. You tell us that the private sector is unfair, mean-spirited, and does not provide for the people and that you do. You’ve told everybody that government can and should be in charge of everything, because you, the government, have compassion, and you care, whereas CEOs and capitalists don’t care.

You have told everybody that you should be in charge of health care because the people that run it now are screwing everybody, from the insurance companies, to the doctors, to the pharmacies, to the hospitals, to the HMOs. You’ve told the people of this country they’re being shafted and screwed every time they interact with any aspect of the health system in this country. And in the process, you’ve told them that you can do it better. You’ve told them that it’s morally proper that you and government do this.

So you pass this sweeping takeover of one-sixth of the US economy. You take total control of it, you’ve had three years, limitless amounts of money, access to the best and brightest, i.e., yourselves, and you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re doing. This is not just the case in health care; it’s anything else you presume to know best how to run. You listen to Harry Reid or Pelosi or Steny Hoyer or Obama or any of their associates and media people, they know best. They have the compassion, whereas people in the private sector don’t. They love people nobody else does, and they’re gonna do it right because they care. And they’re gonna do it right because they’re gonna do it fair.

And when it all ends up, everybody’s gonna be happy. We’re gonna have this little mini-utopia out there in health care. Three years to set it up, three years and you’re clueless. And you offer up an excuse that is the absolute worst. “Well, too many people tried to access it.” It’s national health care, the law of the land. People have to go to these exchanges. How can you possibly be surprised? Half the people showing up think they’re registering for it free. The other half think they have to or they’re gonna go to jail. How can you be surprised at the number of people that are gonna show up?

Two and a half million people in New York is not a lot of people, given the population of the state. These are flimsy excuses. I’m sorry, my violins are not playing. “The Google guys told me, yeah, when they started, oh, yeah.” Well, go talk to the Google guys now. They’re a bunch of billionaires. Why don’t you hate ’em? We know the answer.

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