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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, look at me. Look at the radio. Or your computer, your app when you’re listening. This is a perfect illustration. If I had a theme today, this would be a perfect illustration of it.

“Last week, as the prospect of a federal government shutdown loomed as reality, the President of the United States told the media that he would ‘not negotiate’ with ‘house burners.’ And with that, the American mainstream media threw away their longstanding belief in ‘civil bipartisan compromise’ in order to stand with Obama.” That’s a Breitbart lede to a story.

What just happened — well, not just, but recently on CNN, Suzanne Malveaux hosted a segment about 200 children sick with cancer who were turned away from the National Institutes of Health due to the government shutdown, and that was it. CNN does this story tugging at heartstrings, “Look at how mean these Republicans are.” And, by the way, a number of Democrats yesterday said that the Republicans are doing this because they don’t want people to have health care.

Well, there’s something that Suzanne Malveaux did not tell her viewers. After saying that 200 children sick with cancer were turned away from the NIH due to the government shutdown, she did not tell her viewers that the Republicans have offered to fund the NIH in a separate bill without preconditions and that the Democrats and Obama refused to pass it. In other words, it is Obama and the Democrats who want these kids with cancer not being allowed to visit the hospital so that they can go to CNN and get a story blaming the Republicans for it. CNN, not a news organization and not media, but rather acting as an arm of the White House, dutifully reports that the Republicans don’t want cancer-stricken kids to get treatment.

The Republicans again offered to fund the NIH, separate bill, no preconditions. Democrats and Obama refused to pass it. I don’t care what you want to say about gamesmanship and I don’t care how you want to look at this. “Well, of course Obama can’t be doing that, it’s a trick, you can’t fall for that, Republicans.” It’s no trick. Obama shut down the government. Harry Reid shut down the government. As a result, cancer kids can’t visit the NIH, Republicans offer separate funding. Obama and the Democrats say, ain’t no way.

So if your kid is one of these 200 that can’t visit the NIH because they’ve got cancer, it’s the president and the Democrat Party who are making that happen. And this isn’t the only example. You may have heard that Obama has invited congressional leaders to the White House at 5:30 this afternoon. There has been a little memo go out here from the executive office of the president. And it is entitled, “Veto threat.” And here’s what it says. “If presented with a Republican bill to open the national parks and museums, if presented with a Republican bill to provide local funding for DC art, if presented with a bill to honor our promise to America’s veterans, if the Republicans present a bill for research for-lifesaving cures, if the Republicans present a bill to pay National Guard and reserve troops, the president will veto the bills.” That is from the White House.

So why have a meeting with this guy? Why is he wasting time with the congressional Republicans this afternoon if his position is that all of these offers by the Republicans to separately fund these supposedly crucial things he’s gonna veto. Republicans offered to fund the NIH for cancer-stricken kids. White House said, no. Democrat Party said, no, not gonna do it.


RUSH: Dingy Harry has written a letter to Boehner in which he says that he will support the Senate meeting for a budget conference today, Sunday, if the House will pass a clean continuing resolution. Dingy Harry, in fact, he just had a press conference. He did two things. He went up there and he talked about how it just is not right that these cancer kids shouldn’t be allowed to get treatment. And it’s not right that these cancer trials, the tests of various drugs, trials, shouldn’t begin, because the Republicans shut down the government. And somebody said, “Wait a minute, the Republicans offered to fund that.” And then he went into a long, detailed hieroglyphics explanation of how he’s not gonna do things piecemeal. “I’m not gonna get caught into that trap,” he said.

But wait a minute, there are cancer kids not being treated. It’s part of the shutdown that you engineered and the Republicans have offered a bill to pay for that and make sure they get treated, visit the hospital. “I’m not being sucked into this piecemeal stuff,” Dingy Harry said. Here’s how he announced his letter to Boehner.

REID: I just finished a telephonic conversation with Speaker Boehner. My message to him was very simple. We have to stop playing these foolish games that keep coming to us from the other side of the Capitol. This is not about him or me, about scoring points for one side or the other, name-calling, like the villain of villains. It’s about doing the right thing for the American people. They expect us to act like adults.

RUSH: Yeah, right. It’s exactly about the villain of villains. It is exactly about scoring points, and it’s exactly about name-calling. That is why, Senator Reid, you wanted a government shutdown. But let’s remember, folks, here he is now demanding from Boehner a clean continuing resolution. (imitation) “Come on, John, can’t you just be big enough and put all this aside and just send me a bill that funds the government for the next couple of months without any of this BS in it, John? Come on, be a man, John.”

Let’s remember, it is a constitutional requirement of Congress to come up with a budget every year. The Democrats have purposely failed to come up with a budget for more than four years now. And Harry Reid is now saying he might support doing their constitutionally required duty if the House will give ’em what he wants in the continuing resolution. He describes this as a sensible, reasonable compromise. “I promise to support to do our duty in the Constitution and have a budget Sunday if you cave right now.” (interruption) I know, I just saw it. CNN had a banner up there: “Kids with cancer suffer shutdown pain.” And Dingy Harry says it’s not about name-calling? It’s not about villains and so forth.

There’s Harry Reid’s network up there talking about how kids with cancer suffer shutdown pain. “It’s not about scoring points,” Dingy Harry said. “If John Boehner would just grow up and act like a man and send me a clean continuing resolution without this shutdown stuff in it, then we’ll go ahead. We’ll do our duty and do a budget sometime.” I don’t know, folks, it’s more of the same. There’s nothing new here.

I have to remind you that even despite this tremendous imbalance of power, you have prevailed on numerous occasions. The media does not get everything they want all the time. The Democrats certainly don’t. They don’t win every election, and they don’t win every battle. I know it’s tough, ’cause you look at the media and you think they do, each and every day. But again, it’s all part of this appeal to the low common denominator, not only appealing to them, but construct a country for them, and make everybody else pay for them. And you do it by convincing them they’re owed this because they’re victims of Republicans’ mean-spiritedness and all that other rotgut.


RUSH: Dingy Harry just had a little exchange with Dana Bash at CNN, at his press conference, and he danced around question. Dana Bash drilled down and Dingy Harry’s response was quite revealing and a little chilling.

Dana Bash said, “But if you could help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?” She was asking that because at CNN, they finally figured out that the Republicans have offered to fund the NIH. All day long, they’ve been doing the story at CNN that 200 cancer kids are being denied treatment because the Republicans shut down the government, and somebody finally told ’em at CNN, “Well, wait a minute.

“The Republicans offered a special bill to fund that and Dingy Harry said, no, he wouldn’t vote for it.” She wanted to know why, and she said, “If you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?” and Harry Reid said, “Why would we want to do that? I have 1100 people at Dulles Air Force Base sitting home. They have problems of their own.” Again, Dana Bash at CNN asks Harry Reid, “Look, if you could help one kid with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

“Why wouldn’t you accept the funding?”

Harry Reid says, “Why would I do that? I’ve got 1100 people at Dulles Air Force Base sitting home. They’ve got problems of their own.” I don’t know where Dulles Air Force Base is. I know there’s Dulles International Airport. But regardless, Dingy Harry said, “Oh, I’ve got 1100 people that deal with at this air base. What the hell? Why would I worry about one kid with cancer?” He really said that.


RUSH: Harry Reid.

“But you could help one child with cancer, Harry Reid, wouldn’t you do that?” asked Dana Bash at CNN, and Harry Reid said, “Why would we want to do that?” We’ve been getting away with blaming this on the Republicans!

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