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RUSH: Last night on NPR, All Things Considered. I haven’t heard this. I read the transcript of it and I’m not quite certain just reading the transcript what the point here is. It’s a portion of the report yesterday on NPR, National Public Radio, the All Things Considered show, and their correspondent is Don Gonyea, and he’s talking about Fox News and me supporting the government shutdown.

GONYEA: No surprise that the single loudest media voice defending conservative Republicans on the shutdown has been the Fox News Channel. At FoxNews.com on day one of the shutdown, story after story referred to it as the government slim-down. On the Web and on cable, Fox affixes the blame on the president. At the same time, there’s a clear effort to downplay the impact. And there’s talk radio. Rush Limbaugh has said the world didn’t end because of the government shutdown.

RUSH: Well, did it? How in the world does that make news? “And Rush Limbaugh said the world didn’t end because of the government shutdown.” Did it and I missed it? How in the world is that news? Maybe they’re mad that the world didn’t end. Maybe they’re mad that I pointed out that the world didn’t end. That has to be what it is. They want people to think that the world is ending, or could.

Just the sequester, just like Y2K, just like the financial crisis in ’08.

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