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RUSH: I cannot believe this. Did you see — there’s a picture of it up there now that JFK once went on a date with Helen Thomas? And if they went on a date, you know what that means. If you’re a woman and you went on a date with JFK, you got undressed at some point. (interruption) Yes, it does, Dawn. Don’t tell me it didn’t. Of course it means that. You don’t think that’s true? I can’t believe it. This is the kind of thing we’re up against here, folks. I’ve got somebody wanting to defend JFK here on something like this? Even Helen Thomas, that’s what makes you think that’s not possible? Don’t doubt me on this. JFK, Helen Thomas, I mean…


Yeah, Helen Thomas said JFK was too fresh. What do you think that means, Dawn? Do you think people these days know what that means, he’s too fresh? That used to mean that he came on too strong. That’s what you’d say about somebody, “Too fresh, came on too strong.” You youngsters may not know that. That’s what she said about him. Well, there’s only one thing that means. He took his clothes off and he tried to get hers off. Yes, Dawn, don’t sit there and act like you’re offended by this.

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