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RUSH: Hope you had a good weekend, and we’re off and running. And, as is the usual case, over the weekend your host, once again, prominent in the mainstream media. I was, of course, totally unaware because I don’t spend a lot of time, folks, watching. In fact, I don’t watch news, particularly on the weekend. So when I come in, in the heat of show prep Cookie sends me the audio sound bite roster transcript. I get that about a quarter of 12:00, right before the program starts.

There are a couple of things, Saturday Night Live. Did you happen to watch it, Snerdley, Miley Cyrus? No interest, huh? None whatsoever. I didn’t, either, but anyway, they did a skit. They did a sketch about Hillary Clinton and her TV movie specials that have been cancelled on NBC and CNN. And here’s a portion of the parody of the Fox News special that they did on Saturday Night Live. Hillary Clinton: Cold, Mean Woman. That was the title, if Fox did one, that’s what the title would be.

BILL CLINTON IMPRESSIONIST: Hillary, what are we doing here? We shouldn’t be here. Neither of us work at the White House anymore.

HILLARY CLINTON IMPRESSIONIST: Shut up, Bill. I can do whatever I want. I’m above the law.

BILL CLINTON IMPRESSIONIST: What are we even doing here?

HILLARY CLINTON IMPRESSIONIST: I told you, I need to find and destroy the Benghazi files! Rush Limbaugh is getting too close to the truth!

RUSH: Of all the people! Rush Limbaugh’s getting too close to the truth! Saturday Night Live!

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