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RUSH: Donna somewhere in Texas. You’re first today. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First, let me just say you are the champion of conservatives.

RUSH: Well, no, no. There’s a lot of great people out there. I appreciate that. I really do.

CALLER: They don’t have millions and millions of listeners like you do. So let me just say very quickly: I am what’s called a major donor in the Republican Party. And, you know, we gave a lot of money. Mostly we’re small business, which small business makes up 70% of all the jobs across the USA. After 2012 disaster, we cut the GOP off. Many of us cut the GOP off, cut off RNC, cut off Karl Rove. No more super PACs. We have been saving our money. I had a congressman call me a couple of weeks ago asking me for money. I said, “Have I ever told you ‘no’?” He said, “No, you haven’t.” I said, “Well, today it’s not ‘no,’ it’s ‘hell, no.'”

RUSH: You know, Donna, I don’t doubt that is this happening, but I want to tell you what the news is on this. I have no doubt that what you describe is happening a lot, but the news is that the Republican donor class… You just said you’re a donor, a major donor. The Republican donor class is said to also hate the Tea Party and is demanding that the Republican leadership do something about it or they’re gonna withhold their money. That’s the news that’s being reported, not your version of what’s happening, by the way.


RUSH: There was a story in last Friday’s Washington Post. “Some Longtime Republican Donors Unnerved by the Party Shutdown Strategy — Veteran Republican fundraisers are increasingly alarmed by the defiant stance of hard-line conservatives…” Yes, and yet we just heard from a major donor who’s not giving anymore.

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