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RUSH: Your host, ladies and gentlemen — that would be me — came up in a debate last night in New Jersey. New Jersey Senate candidates, Newark mayor Cory Booker… (interruption) He with the imaginary friend? Is that right? He’s the guy? T-Bone. He has the imaginary friend. Dick Gephardt had one of those. You know Dick Gephardt the congressman from Missouri? He had imaginary friends. He was talking about them all the time.

He had a rich imaginary friend who was always demanding, “Raise taxes, Dick! I’ll get really rich if you raise my taxes!” Gephardt was constantly telling us that. Cory Booker’s got an imaginary. T-Bone is the name. Yeah. He was debating Mayor Steve Lonegan, who’s the Republican. It’s an election for the seat of The Lout, Frank Lautenberg, and during a segment on the government shutdown, the moderator, Jim Rosenfield, said, “Are members of your party…?” This Lonegan up first here. “Are members of your party in any way responsible for this impasse that led to this shutdown?”

LONEGAN: Members of my party, the Republican Party, have introduced a series of bills to provide funding for all of these issues. Harry Reid and Barack Obama have refused to negotiate because they want to jam Obamacare down our throats at any expense — and my opponent in this race, Mr. Booker, he’s only the Hollywood stand-in for Obamacare on this ballot. This election in New Jersey is a referendum on Obamacare, the NSA, the IRS abuse of power, the intrusion towards children’s education. It’s the — the destruction of our liberty. That’s what’s on the ballot.

RUSH: Now, here’s Cory Booker responding to Steve Lonegan.

BOOKER: Listen to my opponent’s rhetoric and listen to his positions. It seems like he’s doing more to try to run and replace Rush Limbaugh than Frank Lautenberg. The reality is, here, is that’s the kind of rhetoric that’s gonna drive further gridlock and further divisiveness.

RUSH: Whoa. So Booker says that Lonegan sounds like me, which is… I think that seals the deal. Lonegan wins. The more politicians, the more Republicans who are sounding like me, the more Republicans who will win. It’s just the way it is.

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