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RUSH: I was just made aware of something. The latest survey guru out there is Nate Silver, who left the New York Times and went to join ESPN. Nate Silver has accurately analyzed polling data and selected which polling data is accurate and has made accurate predictions based on it. His track record’s pretty good. He is basically saying this NBC/Wall Street Journal poll doesn’t mean anything, and particularly it doesn’t mean anything about future elections because it doesn’t provide any data about that.

The sample is screwed and so forth. He said he’s not convinced things look bad for the Republicans yet at all in 2014 because the generic ballot hasn’t caved on the Republicans. The generic Republican ballot asks people, “Do you vote Republican or Democrat?” Not a candidate’s name. You know, it keeps people’s congressmens’ names out of the question. Just party affiliation, generic ballot. The bottom has not fallen out of the Republican Party on that.

Folks, I’m not trying to keep you bucked up or from walking over the ledge. I’m just the mayor of Realville here. I know how this stuff works. It’s Obama that’s taken it on the chin this week. Are you aware that truckers want to shut down Washington because of Obamacare and Obama regulations? Are you aware that military families are fit to be tied over Obama? Did you hear what he tried to do the other day on this death benefit thing? This was unbelievable!

Okay, so the story gets out: 26 military families are purposefully not being given their death benefits because their family members were killed in action. They are being denied on purpose. The regime knew. This was to inflict pain and have it be blamed on the Republicans because of the shutdown. Well, all hell broke loose on this because the media doesn’t control everything, and it broke loose all over TV and radio.

One of the members of the Fisher family — this great, great family from New York which has built the Fisher Houses which are kind of like Ronald McDonald houses except they’re for family of militaries. They’re on the ground, say, at Walter Reed. When somebody’s wounded and recovering, the family stays at these Fisher Houses — and they are all over the place. Well, the Fisher family representative went on TV and said, “We’ll pay it.”

But then Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, went on TV and said, “Well, since Fisher House is going to pay it. Obama doesn’t think he should.” I was saying, “My God, I don’t believe this! A, they’re violating the law; B, hiding behind a charity?” “Well, we don’t have to pay it now. The charity will.” Obama was taking it like you can’t believe! He had to go out and correct that. He had to go out and make the decision, “Okay, we’re going to pay the death benefits.” Obama’s kept citizens out of parks and let illegals in.

Pelosi credited him for it.

Obama chose not to fund the National Institutes of Health. Kids with cancer couldn’t get treatment. Obama did all this, and Obama was taking it big time for this, otherwise he wouldn’t have done anything he’s done this week. He wouldn’t have called the press conference, he wouldn’t have made these speeches, he wouldn’t have gone out there and talked about how he’s willing to negotiate. It was Obama taking it in the shorts.

So here comes NBC/Wall Street Journal with a rigged poll to stop the bleeding. And that poll came out last night, yesterday afternoon, and it stopped the bleeding. And now everybody is beside themselves because all this is now being blamed on the Republicans. Sorry, the American people are not blaming military families not being paid on Republicans. They are not blaming kids with cancer not being allowed to go to the NIH on Republicans.

The truckers who want to shut down the Beltway over regulations, gas prices and everything else are not mad at the Republicans. President Obama has either a 41% or 37% approval rating. He is not universally loved and beloved.


RUSH: Look, folks, let me admit: The Republicans may be losing a few things here and there, but I don’t even like admitting that. The thing is the Democrats are not winning anything and that’s what you have got to remember. The Democrats are not winning anything. The media want you to think that, but it ain’t happening


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, you smirked when I mention the name Nate Silver because you think he’s a partisan leftist hack. I know it. But you know what else he said in this little piece of his? He says: “The impact of the 1995-96 shutdowns is overrated in Washington’s mythology,” which he’s right about. It’s exactly what I’ve said. He also said in the same piece today the “Democrats face extremely unfavorable conditions in trying to regain the House.”

But if you do nothing but pay attention to what is not media that comes out of Washington, you think the Democrats have already won the House, they’re going to keep the Senate and we got one party government. You think the Republicans are losing everything. The Republicans may be losing some things. Look, I’m not in a fog here, but they’re not losing/losing. The Democrats are not winning anything here, folks, and that is what you are not being told.

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