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RUSH: My name once again invoked on the Senate floor this very day. Just this morning, our old buddy Senator Dick “Turban” from Illinois. Remember Dick Turban comparing the people at Club Gitmo to Nazis in the gulags, the Soviets in the gulag and Pol Pot after erroneous reports of the so-called torture going on down there. Senator Turban speaking about the government shutdown on the Senate floor just this morning.

DURBIN: I’ve heard my colleagues, some of them on the floor arguing, “Well, we just have to pick and choose who’s going to get paid and everything will work out. You really won’t even notice.” It reminds me, Mr. President, and you were in the House as I was, when there was the Gingrich shutdown of the government and Rush Limbaugh and others announced, “They’ll shut down the government and no one will notice. We don’t really need a government.” They noticed in a hurry, and after two weeks they finally reopened the government. This, sadly, is much more grievous and will have terrible consequences for innocent people.

RUSH: I didn’t say any such thing. I didn’t say nobody will notice. I didn’t say we don’t really need a government. The budget shutdown of 1995, once again, was an honorable fight, folks. That’s what everybody’s missing. It was an honorable fight and the history of that budget shutdown cannot be forgotten. After that horrible thing, and in the media it was bad. I mean, in the media the Republicans were jackasses. They were mean-spirited extremists, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. They were the worst scum of the earth. And, after the budget shutdown, they won two seats in the Senate. They picked up two seats in 1996, presidential election year, victory for Clinton, and they only lost five or seven seats in the House. It was not huge, particularly the president of the other party being victorious.

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