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RUSH: I want to go back to the lady on the phone who says this doesn’t feel right. What’s happening here to the country just doesn’t feel right. You know what’s happened here? You know what this feels like, folks? I’ll tell you exactly what it feels like to me. You tell me if this isn’t close. It feels like we’ve lost a war to a communist country. It’s almost like there’s been a coup. There’s been a peaceful coup. The media has led this coup, and the Democrats have taken over with popular support. We’re getting policies and implementations and things that were never, ever part of this country’s design and founding.

I know what she feels like. I know what she’s talking about. It feels like we’ve lost the country. In some estimations it’s almost like we lost a battle for the country. Some outside force has actually come in and taken over, and they did it without firing a shot, ’cause there wasn’t really a war going on that anybody saw. Sort of like a peaceful coup. It happens gradually and then all of a sudden everybody wakes up, “Gee, what in the name of Sam Hill’s happened here?” I understand it.

If you’re sitting out there wondering what happened to your country, what happened to the people, all you gotta do is take a look pop culture media. All you have to do is look at mainstream news media or whatever you want to call them, Drive-Bys, and you’ll see. All you have to do is listen to how the opposition to any of this is treated, and you’ll understand it. That is really why I have so much appreciation for what Ted Cruz and his gang, if you will, are trying to do. I really do. I don’t think they’re the problem at all.

Barack Obama’s the problem. This is the thing that frosts me about the Republican Party establishment. They run around, Sarah Palin’s the problem, Ronald Reagan’s the problem, Rush Limbaugh’s the problem, Ted Cruz is the problem. No. Barack Obama is the problem. The modern-day Democrat Party is the problem. The pop culture media is the problem. I think that ought to be the thinking of the Republican Party, but no. They want to try to blame all of this on fellow Republicans. Mind-boggling, when you think about it that way.

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