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RUSH: I allowed one interruption from what I said the agenda for this hour was going to be, because you have to hear this. You just have to hear this. This afternoon in Washington on the Senate floor. You’ve heard, by the way — I don’t remember who said it, but — it’s been said in recent days that if women were running this show, none of this would have happened. There wouldn’t have been a shutdown. I think the… (interruption)

That’s right, the lovely and gracious fashion icon, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz said it, but there have been a couple of others, and of course some Alan Alda-type guys said it, and agreed, ’cause they just want a little action. Liberal guys, that’s how they get it. So it became sort of like conventional wisdom. “Oh, yeah, if women were running this, why, we’d have comity. We’d have agreement. Everybody’d be loving each other, be getting along.”

I swear, people say that. My experience has been, in business matters, women are not pushovers, and they can be as vicious and uncompromising when they’re on to something as any man can be. I mean, I find it insulting that women want to sign on to this silly notion that they’re essentially all Betty Crockers talking to Julia Child in the kitchen making sure everything happens right. So in that spirit, you gotta hear this. Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte on the Senate floor speaking about the agreement to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling in three, two, one.

AYOTTE: My children just turned six and nine years old during this whole crisis situation, and my daughter, Kate, asked me, “Mom, why can’t you just get the government open? What’s wrong? Well, why can’t you get this solved?” I mean, such the common-sense questions that I got from her and from our son, Jacob. And think about the lessons we try to teach our children. Aren’t we always trying to teach them that when they get into a conflict, you gotta work it out; that yes, you don’t get to get everything your way? And I had to say to her, “You’re right, Kate, we gotta work together.”

RUSH: I am reminded of Jimmy Carter, who said once that he learned everything about nuclear warfare from a question his daughter Amy asked. I think that was while they were on the raft trying to defend themselves against that “killer rabbit.” Now, keep in mind Bill Clinton is just quoted today in The Politico as saying conflict is great for politics. Conflict equals passion, conflict equals drama, conflict turns out the base, conflict keeps people revved up.

He was attempting to criticize the Tea Party. What he was actually doing of any giving away Democrat strategery. So I’m gonna get ripped to shreds for “attacking” Kelly Ayotte, and I’m not doing that. You know, Obama’s tried this trick, too. His daughters asked him why he didn’t fix the BP oil spill. Remember that? “Dad, dad, why don’t you just fix it?” Obama: “She said that, and I realized that we gotta roll up our sleeves and we just gotta do it.

“We just gotta get it done.” Yeah, that’s what it was. “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?” I mean, there’s a leak, right? Oil’s coming out of the hole. Can’t you just plug the hole, dad? Obama: “I realized that’s what we had to do! We gotta go plug the hole.” Out of the mouth of babes comes all this wisdom, and aren’t we always teaching them about conflict resolution?

You know who’s talking about conflict resolution? Republicans. “Mom, why can’t you just get the government open? What’s wrong? Why can’t you get this solved?” Instead of telling her daughter, “Well, Kate, because Democrats don’t really want the government open.” Instead of taking the opportunity… I shouldn’t speak. It’s not my kid. I’m not raising the child. I’ll back away. I just wanted you to hear it.

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