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RUSH: Dan in northern Michigan, as we go back to the phones. Greetings, sir, and welcome.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just have to forgo the polite amenities. I am just so mad today that just beside myself about that these people are doing to us in Washington, the Republican Party. I have been a registered Republican for years, my entire family is Democrats, and after today there’s no need for me to continue on being a Republican because we have nobody to follow. We have no leaders. We have a team out here trying to find somebody to be behind, and every time we think that there’s someone there, they cave.

It’s discouraging. I know a lot of people are in the same mind-set as I am, and we are on so disgusted that, Rush, who do we follow? Who is our leader? Who? Who are we supposed to mass behind? You know, if we can’t play the game, then get the hell off the field. Because it’s almost like the Democrats are out on the field with the ref, who is the media, and we’re on the sidelines talking to the cheerleaders trying to figure out how to play the game. It’s really a disgrace to what we’re trying to do. We are becoming one party, so why not be a Democrat? At least they’re loyal.

RUSH: Let me answer your question without… I’m not trying to be a shill here. But what we learned in this is that there are people willing to try to lead. There are people willing to take the arrows. We do have pioneers. There are people; I’ll mention the names. Ted Cruz is at the top of the list. Mike Lee. These people were out taking every shot the media had. They were taking every shot the Republican Party had, they were taking every shot that Sarah Palin got — and they were unflappable, and they persevered.

They were doing it on your behalf. There were even some Republicans, even some conservative Republicans going after them. There was a battle between the delay Obamacare group and the defund Obamacare group, and they’re both groups of conservative activists. The delay group, I mean, I would hear from both of ’em because everybody wants me to promote their point of view. I hear from these people.

You wouldn’ta believe it. The delay people were sending me caustic notes, saying, “This Ted Cruz, I can’t believe you’re falling for it. He’s using everybody! This doesn’t have a chance. There’s no way we’re gonna defund Obamacare. This is an objective that can’t possibly happen. It’s a waste of time. He’s just using you to fund-raise.” If I thought that was the case, I wouldn’t have given Ted Cruz two looks. These internecine battles are going on all over the place.

Believe me: The battle for money is huge, sadly, but it is.

Money is the mother’s milk of everything, and it certainly is the mother’s milk of politics. It just is. Now, I noticed that when Ted Cruz sent his various e-mail blasts out to people, he didn’t ask for money. He’d asked for people sign a petition, and when you go there to sign a petition, there was not a place to give money, that I saw. I don’t deny that everybody in politics fundraise and so forth, but I’m just telling you this to illustrate that even within the conservative universe, there’s the Tea Party conservatives.

Then you got people who think they’re mainstream, old-line Reaganites — who really aren’t, but they think they are. And then you’ve got moderate conservatives, typified by what is most of the conservative media, sadly. And then you’ve got the establishment Republicans, which are RINOs and liberals and moderates. But you did see people that were able to get news coverage, were able to get their message out. They took every shot that was sent their way, and they remained unflappable.

I think this is gonna be a pay off in the future. I spent a lot of time talking about this yesterday. I think the people who fought for the American people in this and never gave up, no matter the odds, are going to be rewarded in future years. They’re going to have a future. The people who bailed, the people who said, “Well, this is a waste of time. Why, you can’t even achieve this! Defund Obamacare? That’s not gonna happen. Why are we even doing this?” There was a classic two or three great reasons for doing it.

It’s called teaching.

It’s called making the point.

It’s called caring about what happens to the American people!

Whatever happened to that, by the way? I mean, here the Democrats seem to own this notion that only they care. I know for a fact that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and these guys are doing what they’re because they care about the impact this is gonna have to be on the American people and therefore the country. They’re being dead-set honest on this, and so there was are many valid reasons to pursue this.

But the defund people, they didn’t like it ’cause it couldn’t have been achieved. There’s always the “you can’t do it” crowd. There’s always, “That’s an impossible objective!” There’s always, “You know, you gotta know your limitations. You gotta know when to quit,” and they did, and all of that. But it’s not desolate. The landscape is not forlorn out there, Dan. There’s a lot to glom onto here, and I think maybe you might see it, realize itself sooner than you think.

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