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RUSH: We’re gonna start now and just trying to mix it all together here, folks. You don’t see what happens here. During the program, during commercial breaks, I for the stuff coming in here flying, it interrupts everything I have in order ready to go because it’s all new, so it takes precedence over what I’ve got planned. So I’m not teasing you and not getting this stuff on purpose just to hold you there. It’s just stuff comes in that takes press conference. I mean, I could tell everybody just shut down when the show starts, but then stuff would happen and I wouldn’t know about it. So it’s a balancing act here. I want to get to the phones, get started because people have been on hold in a long time, and I really appreciate that. We’re gonna start in Moorcroft, Wyoming, with Dan. Thank you, sir. Greetings. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Wyoming. I want to give you dittos from Wyoming, and reason I called, island like to have you talk a little bit about the relationship on funding bills between the House and the Senate, because I’m incensed that the House passed CR after CR to keep things going — outside of Obamacare, of course — and Harry Reid unilaterally just made the decision that the Senate wouldn’t even take those up. Now the big magic deal we’ve all been waiting for is coming from the Senate and is going to be rammed down the throat of the House, and my understanding is —

RUSH: That’s by arrangement. You’re thinking that this is happening in a not-constitutional way. It was agreed because Boehner couldn’t get his guys to go first on this deal. But Boehner could not get enough conservatives. The Senate had to go first. The Democrats go first, quote/unquote, bite the bullet, and then the House follows, but that was by arrangement. Now, that might make you even angrier.

CALLER: Yeah, it does. Again, the thing that’s so irritating out here in flyover country is that, irregardless (sic) of the impact this is having on middle America, they were just hell-bent on putting this bill through. One of my friends said to me the other day, he said, Well, perhaps the path through this for the Republicans is to go ahead and fund everything, fund Obamacare to the hilt, but put some teeth in it that we are going to fund Obamacare as it was passed with absolutely no delays, no exemptions, no special cases, a-full-scale implementation across the board. That means the Senate would not get an exemption. That means Big Business would not get an exemption. That means that everybody would go under this right now.

RUSH: But, see, you’re nailing a lot of things here. In the first place, one thing I want to acknowledge that you said — I didn’t want to sweep it away — is one of the most underreported aspects of this, underreported stories over the last five years is precisely — your instincts are right on the money — how Obama and the Democrats have literally taken away the power of the purse from the House. Now, how has that happened? It can only happen if it’s allowed to.

Why is it allowed to?

Because House is paralyzed against criticizing Obama. They’re just paralyzed into opposing Obama, and it goes back to the Limbaugh Theorem. It’s the racial component. It goes to the fact that Obama has taken up full residence in this country as a victim of this country. We’ve actually elected a president of the United States who considers himself to be a victim of America. Dr. Keith Ablow is exactly right.

Without a budget, the House has practically no power, Dan, and the Democrats have not presented a budget in four years. We’ve had to use continuing resolutions. That has the effect of taking the power of the purse away from the House because that’s where all budgets, spending items originate. But without a budget, nothing flows. Everything’s done piecemeal. It’s been on purpose. The Democrats can hide their policy intentions from people.


RUSH: Dan from Wyoming was really on to something, and this is not to comment on Vitter. Let me comment on that. The Vitter bill, David Vitter, the senator, had a bill that everybody in Congress would live under Obamacare. No subsidies, no exemptions, no delays, no waivers. Every House member, every Senate member has to go to an exchange to get insurance like everybody else does. I think the Vitter bill did not include staff, not sure, but it did include every member of the House and every member of the Senate. There were some who wanted that to be in whatever cave-in legislation there was, such as this thing that was signed today. Okay, gonna raise the debit limit a trillion, gonna reopen the government and all this sort of stuff, but we’re also gonna pass — the Republicans coulda thrown that in.

Some people are blaming Heritage and FreedomWorks for caving on that. The truth of the matter is that Boehner can launch that as a stand-alone any time he wants in the House, they can do that any time, and they ought to do it every day. They ought to make the Democrats vote that down every day. This is what I mean about forcing the issue and opposing them, and making them illustrate who they are.

So if the Democrats want to make sure that they’re exempted from Obamacare, then make them show it, make them demonstrate it, make them oppose a piece of legislation that would require them to go to exchanges like we’re all gonna have to do. Now, the Republicans in the House and in the Senate did not want to attach Vitter to this cave-in bill, and some think that that’s because the FreedomWorks and the Heritage Action Group advised them not to. The point of that is real simple. All the FreedomWorks and Heritage Action people want, is they want Congress to focus on defunding and delaying Obamacare for us, for the American people.

To hell with these people in Congress. Their vision is much larger. I mean, in addition to gotcha points, which is what the Vitter bill is, the people at FreedomWorks and Heritage, the Tea Party groups, are acting on behalf of the American people. If members of Congress are gonna get their delay and waiver, why shouldn’t you? You know, why shouldn’t we instead make a move legislatively that delays the individual mandate for a year, as well as do the Vitter thing? That’s the only point they were making. It’s fine and dandy if you’re gonna throw the Vitter thing in, but you don’t have to throw it into this continuing resolution bill. You can throw that up any time. You could throw it up every day or as often as legislatively permissible.

I think it’s classic. I think it’s something that you could score a lot of points with: make the Democrats vote against them having to use Obamacare. By the way, has Obama gone to an exchange yet? Has Obama gone to the website and signed up? Well, now, don’t laugh. It’s his damn bill. Shouldn’t he be the first one in line? Shouldn’t he be the first one showing how wonderful it is, showing how easy it is, showing how wonderful the system works? He’s not gonna go anywhere near it, folks. A health care bill named after him that he proudly accepts, and he’s not gonna be anywhere near it. So why should we? Members of Congress, they’re gonna get their exemption, and the only thing that Freedom Works and these other people were advocating was, well, then let’s make sure the American people get a waiver, too. That was the only point. The Cruz, Lee faction, that was their point.

I don’t know what you believe based on the reporting, but I am here to tell you that these Tea Party groups have been working with you in mind, all of us in mind, the American people, and protecting you and providing you an out like everybody else is getting. The unions are getting theirs, some businesses have gotten their waivers. You know, various friends of Congress have gotten theirs, but you haven’t. Not even these little lunatic Obama base members are getting any relief from it.

So that was the point they were making about that, but the point here again that Dan from Wyoming brought up, is he doesn’t understand why is the Senate doing this first? They don’t have this power. This stuff has to come from the House. Now, this is a prior arrangement, because Boehner couldn’t get the House to go first on this. So the Senate Democrats take the lead on this with the help of McConnell and theoretically they take the bullet, but the real reason this happened is the underreported story on the fact that the House does have the power of the purse, and one of the great underreported stories is how the Democrats have taken that away.

Obama and the Democrats have literally usurped that power from the House, and they did it by not presenting a budget for four straight years. It is that simple. By refusing to present a budget, to even consider the budget that was produced in the House, like the Ryan budget, they never even considered it. That left as the only alternative to fund the government continuing resolutions, which, as you know, go for a month here, three months there, six months there.

Budget negotiations are essential for the checks and balances. This is why it’s a constitutional requirement to have one. This is why the Democrats have sought to avoid it, it’s because that’s where legitimate checks and balances take place in our system, is during budget negotiations, without the power of the purse in the House. When Obama has that, he may as well be a king. When he and his party have nothing but continuing resolutions, that is what reduces the Republicans to looking like kids that won’t get off your front lawn, because the only option that they have to affect spending is to make piecemeal proposals every time a continuing resolution, or in this case a debt limit increase comes up. The optics of that are not good.

It makes them look like spoiled brats who just always want their way, media helps that perception get spread. But this has all been by design. The Democrats have purposely not presented a budget for four years, A, to hide their legislative and policy agenda, they don’t want you to know what their plans are. The budget would spell that out. The budget would tell us how much they want to spend on what. So they’ve kept that from anybody knowing. And it does piecemeal continuing resolution. And with every continuing resolution, what do we have? Somehow the media comes up with another threat to shut down the government.

So it’s made to look like every three months or so these damn Republicans want to shut down the government. Damn them, damn these stupid Republicans. They hate government, hate Washington. Every three months, and that’s the program, it was set in motion by the policy decision not to present a budget. The only way the Democrats can get away with this is if the Republicans don’t oppose it. The Republicans ought to be screaming to high hell. Well, low hell. High heaven.

They ought to be screaming until they got no voice about this. They ought to be telling the American people what’s going on. The American people ought to know the reason the Democrats don’t present a budget. The American people ought to know. Now, the Republicans will tell you, “Well, they won’t cover what we say.” BS. They’re covering Ted Cruz every damn day. Ted Cruz gets coverage any time he wants it. Why is that? They hate Ted Cruz. They despise Ted Cruz. And yet Ted Cruz has gotten his message out.

Ted Cruz proves two things. You can go over the media and get to the American people, or you can use the media and get to the American people. So I don’t buy this argument, “Well, they won’t cover what we say.” Yeah, if you call a dull, boring press conference and sit there and whine and moan like Ryan did in the vice presidential debate, nobody’s gonna notice you. I mean, you sit there get lambasted by Plugs Biden and you don’t react to it? Jeez.

This is what’s been going on here for five years! You can at least stand up and shout in opposition to this! The Constitution here is being used as toilet paper, in a sense. All of that combined is part and parcel what has so many you upset. Me, too. I just can’t explain it, I cannot pound it or reiterate it enough, that there is a reason why the Republicans don’t oppose. They have been spooked into not doing it. A, “The precious independents don’t like it and go running back to Democrats,” and B, Obama’s race.

Any criticism would be called racism, and they don’t just want to go there. “So let Obama have what he wants to try to limit the damage later, we’ll get rid of the Tea Party and we’ll come back stronger than ever as moderate Republicans; show the American people we’re reasonable, and maybe by 2040 we’ll be winning again. We got pledges from our donors to keep us flush with money until then so we’re cool.”

That must be what’s going on, ’cause nothing else makes any sense.

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