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RUSH: Kalispell, Montana, as we head back to the phones. This is Bob. Thank you for waiting, sir. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Yeah, hello, Rush. Yeah, my story here is I just got notice that my health care coverage is gonna be terminated.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: It looks like the option I have to go to is to go on Medicaid.

RUSH: Why is your health insurance being terminated?

CALLER: They’re canceling here in Montana, all high-risk policies, okay?

RUSH: Who? Who is? Who sent you the cancellation notice?

CALLER: It’s a third party from Blue Shield.

RUSH: Okay, so an insurance company?


RUSH: They told you that they’re canceling you?


RUSH: You’re in a high-risk pool, preexisting condition?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: A-ha. That not supposed to happen. With Obamacare, you’re supposed to be able to keep your doctor. You’re supposed to be in Fat City. I mean, you’re supposed to be in there.

CALLER: They give you some options, and one of them is you should go to Medicaid first and then whatever bronze, silver, or gold things they offer on those plans. So, anyway, I went to an insurance agent that’s supposed to represent the exchanges for Medicare.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Not Medicare. Obamacare. They said, “Yeah, it looks like you have to go to Medicaid first.”

RUSH: Bob, do you mind if I ask you how old you are?

CALLER: I’m 57 years old.

RUSH: Fifty-seven years old. On Medicare at age 57.

CALLER: Well, I’m not on yet.

RUSH: In this cancellation, did they suggest these gold, silver, bronze plans? Did they tell you to go to the exchange at HealthCare.gov?

CALLER: No. They just said, “As of January 1st, we’re canceling all policies in Montana.”

RUSH: Oh. So you’ve got ’til January 1st. Well, you ought to go out and get health care every day and stock up on it. You know, get a bunch of health care, like put it in the bank.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely an option I was playing with, but, anyway, you know, I’d like to carry my own load and pay for it, but isn’t looking like it’s gonna go that way.

RUSH: Why? Because you don’t have the money?

CALLER: Well, I mean, I have to do something at the beginning of the year, and so what else can I do? I mean, hopefully nothing happens to me by the first of the year, and so I’ll go on Medicaid and go that route.

RUSH: So you’re gonna sponge off all the rest of us?

CALLER: That’s why I’m calling. I’m not an ingrate. I want to thank you and the other producers in this country to allow me to sponge off ya.

RUSH: Well, at least you’re thanking us. That never happens. We never, ever get a thank you. At least you had the gonads to do that.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s worth something.

CALLER: I appreciate that. Okay, and that’s all I wanted to say. Okay, Rush?

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: It was a pleasure talking to you.

RUSH: Yeah, I’m sure. I’m sure, Bob. Thanks very much.

So Bob was kicked off his policy. They told him to go to taxpayer-paid health care, and he just called to thank us. It took him awhile to get there, but he eventually got there. It must have been hard to do. (interruption) Well, it is. It’s gotta be hard to do. I don’t know about you. I never thank people who do anything for me, and it’s gotta be tough for people like Bob to call in here and thank us. (interruption)

Take what seriously? (interruption) I know. I’m being facetious. I thank people all the time. I go overboard thanking people. It’s the way I was raised. But that’s why I’m being facetious. I figure nobody would believe it if I say I never thank anybody for doing things for me. Anyway, Bob did. He called thank us. He’s at least thankful. That man has character. I mean, he gets a note from his insurance company saying, “We’re off-loading you. Go freeload somewhere.” And the regime gave him some freeloader ideas, and he just called to thank us. I don’t know about you, but I kinda respect that.

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