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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 22. This is illustrative. We have an audio sound bite here from the Fox News Channel this morning. Happening Now is the show. That’s the show that’s on 11 o’clock eastern, from like 11 to one. The cohost is Jon Scott, and he had on there as one of his guests the former reporter for the New York Times, Judy Miller, and she’s also a Fox News analyst or commentator. You might remember, she went to jail during the last years of Bush regime for not revealing sources or some such thing.

When she got out of jail, she’d lost some weight, and she was a heroine in the media for taking a bullet. It’s amazing. She’s got the reputation that she’s the best, she is one of the best foreign policy reporters ever to have walked the earth, and every time I hear her open her mouth, I… Well, I would say this: There are just things she doesn’t know, ignorant, and this is an example here of it. I think it’s illustrative.

I think I’m probably not alone in this. It’s a classic example that these people who idolize Obama don’t even know who the guy is. (interruption) That’s right, Judy Miller went to the clink for not revealing sources for this Scooter Libby, Valerie Plame non-scandal. That’s what it was. So, anyway, the first thing Jon Scott did for Judy Miller, is he played a clip. We had this yesterday, but I didn’t get to it because I know that you don’t tune in here to hear Obama sound bites.

But Obama attacked talk radio in what should have been a great celebratory press conference. He went out there to take credit for getting the government open and beating back the Tea Party and all that, and instead he went out there and started railing against the talking heads on talk radio, which means that I’m living free in his brain, and he attacked lobbyists and bloggers and all that. Jon Scott then said, “He was clearly reading that off the teleprompter, Judy. I mean, this wasn’t something he ad-libbed. This is something they prepared. They wanted to make that point.

“Who are these ‘bloggers and pundits’ that Barack Obama is so upset with?”

MILLER: Right. Well, this is kind of vintage Obama, and it’s getting to be a little mystifying, because on the shutdown the president won big time. I mean, look at the drop in the Republican numbers. He should have been proclaiming victory, he should have been singing a kumbaya moment, wrapping his arms around Rush Limbaugh and saying, “Come on over for a beer.” But instead, he singles people out who disagree with him. He says… You know, he suggests yet again bloggers are not journalists; Fox News is not a news network. He didn’t say that this time. People who disagree with him are not, somehow, patriotic Americans who want what’s best for the country. I don’t know why he does that.

RUSH: “I don’t know why he does that.”

I wonder if Judy Miller has heard of Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals, which was dedicated to Lucifer, “the first radical.” I wonder if she’s aware that Obama is a disciple. I wonder if she knows that. I’m serious. I wonder — and if Judy Miller doesn’t know, then Brian Williams doesn’t know, and nobody out there does. Take your pick. Bob Schieffer. Take your pick of any journalist; they don’t know. If she doesn’t know, they don’t know. That his number one objective is not to be friends with his enemies and celebrate, not to put his arms around people and have a beer. His objective is to wipe his enemies out, to eliminate them, to get them off the playing field.

He does not like his enemies even after he beats them.

She’s clueless about this.


RUSH: It really is interesting to me. I don’t know why, but it is. I know the Drive-Bys are in the tank, but I think I’m maybe like you. They’re not nearly as smart as we think they are, and we don’t think they’re smart because of what we see from them. We think they’re smart because we think it would require that to get that job. I mean, not everybody can get a job at ABC or CBS. Well, now actually they can. But it used to not be that way, and I always make the mistake of overestimating these people, of thinking they’re curious, thinking that they…

I know they’re liberal and I know they’re advancing an agenda and all that, but I think they’d at least… If you’re gonna love a guy, know why. If you’re gonna love Obama, ask: Why do you love Obama? You gotta love Obama ’cause he’s trying to wipe out conservatives. You gotta love Obama if you love Obama because he’s trying to eliminate Republicans. If you’re not gonna get upset at Obama using the IRS on the Tea Party, then you gotta agree that the Tea Party’s gotta go.

I mean, Obama makes no secret — I don’t know how many times we’ve played the audio sound bites — of his feelings toward political opposition. Look at the way he’s won elections. He doesn’t beat people. He gets them thrown out of the race. He gets, in the case of one Senate opponent, sealed divorce records released that detailed a guy and his wife going to sex clubs in Paris or some such thing. Bam! Thrown out. They quit the race and Republicans had to send Alan Keyes in there as a placeholder.

That’s how Obama does it.

Obama’s an angry guy. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. These people don’t know this? She really doesn’t, folks. She’s not just talking to hear her head rattle, here. “I don’t know why he does this. I don’t know why that he doesn’t come up and, like, Reagan and Tip,” which never happened, either, by the way. “I don’t know why he does this. Why is he not happy?” He’s not happy, Judy, because he resents the hell outta what happened the last two weeks! He’s not happy because: How dare these people oppose him!

Don’t they know who he is?

He’s not happy because everybody’s not down on their knees begging Obama to pay them any attention. What is so hard about this? This is not psychological analysis. Simply reading things and listening to what Obama says, you know it. What she’s talking about, is he really gave the Republicans a scolding yesterday. I mean, he was ticked off, even after he won. So winning didn’t make him happy; it ticked him off even more that he had to go through the process.

He just doesn’t like opposition.

He’s insulted by opposition.

“How dare they?”

He said, “If you don’t like a particular policy, if you don’t like a particular president, well, then argue for your position, go out there and win an election. Push to change it.” Well, maybe somebody should remind Obama that House Republicans and Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did win elections, and they won elections because of specific elements of their campaigns, and they campaigned on the promise to oppose Obamacare, and so they get down and they did what they could to stop it.

They did exactly what they were elected to do. They did get elected. They did try to stop Obamacare. They just didn’t run for president. They did argue their position. Obama doesn’t even do that! When you get right down to it, he didn’t argue his position. You know what he does? He employs the media in a mass campaign to destroy the reputations and the character of his opponents. Look at what they did to Mitt Romney.

Obama did not once engage Romney in the arena of ideas. No, they ran adds about how Romney didn’t care about his dog because the dog’s on the roof of the station wagon on a vacation. Romney didn’t care that some guy’s wife died at his company because they didn’t give him health care or some such thing. I mean, the stuff they said about Mitt Romney outside of politics was nearly criminal, and certainly actionable. That’s what Obama does, and the media sits around and they applaud this!

That’s why we think they’re in the on the game, and they are.

I’ll tell you something else, folks, as long as we’re doing deep insight here. There’s another reason why Obama wasn’t happy yesterday and isn’t happy today. It’s because he knows that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee aren’t going anywhere. He knows that the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere. He knows that they’re gonna be right back the minute he goes for amnesty, the minute he goes for the Second Amendment, the minute he goes for whatever else is next. They’re gonna be right there fighting it all over again.

He’s mad they exist. He’s mad they’re there. He’s ticked off that when they lose, they don’t understand that they’re supposed to just slink away, act embarrassed, beg forgiveness, and resign. He’s mad because he still has opposition, and he knows they’re not going away. I’ll tell you something else he knows. He knows that he really, in the long term, may not have won this — and while that may surprise you, what I mean to say is: The Republicans, the Tea Party did not lose this.

I shared with you the Peter Beinart piece yesterday which dovetailed with the points I’ve been trying to make for two weeks. Obama was not a big winner here. In fact, the case could be made that his agenda has been brought to a screeching halt.

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