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RUSH: Back to the phones, Open Line Friday, Susan in… Well, it says it up here so I’m just gonna say Palatan, Virginia. Is that right?

CALLER: You’ve got it.

RUSH: Cool. Well, it’s great to have you. Thank you.

CALLER: That was perfect.

RUSH: Well, I’m used to that.

CALLER: I’m so excited to have gotten through to you. I just cannot believe I did this, but I think you’re on my caller list. I just keep pushing send, send, send. But —

RUSH: That’s what you have to do, because one of those times you’re gonna reach that moment in time where a previous caller is dispatched, we disconnect, and you connect at just the right time.

CALLER: Well, let me tell you: I’ve traveled through two states holding for you, so it was well worth it, and it’s just such an honor. A few weeks ago you had come on your Friday show and you said something similar to apologizing for sometimes being boring, and I’ve never tried to call your show before, and I’ve been trying ever since. You are not boring. You are amazing. I just love listening to you the whole time here I’ve been listening to you, and what you said to Annie was absolutely awesome. I have children, and you’ve put stuff into my children’s heads just by them listening to you, because they hear me say, “Oh, listen to him! Listen to him! It’s well worth it.” But one thing you shoulda told Annie that she needs to remember, is that she’s an American and she has every right to believe in what she believes.

RUSH: That’s a good point. That’s a good point, because it might not have sounded like it. I held back. She’s 14. I kinda held back in describing for her what I really think of liberals, but you’ve nailed it. I mean, these are people that will do anything they can to deny other Americans constitutional rights if liberals think they can get away with it. They’ll take away their guns, for example, or what have you. These people, especially teachers, have been taught how to indoctrinate and propagandize and so forth. But you are really —

CALLER: A good word for them is they’re thickheaded, because, you know, I had five brothers and three sisters, and we were always very close, and that first election for Obama, I had a brother who was so pro-Obama — and I’ve always been one to speak my mind, and we spent some time with him, and, you know, ever since that time with him, we are not close anymore. And that hurts.

RUSH: I know. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? We had a story here last year. We had a caller describe what Thanksgiving is like at his house. Oh, my gosh, I wish I could remember this off the top of my head. It was amazing what has happened to this family, the games they play and the contests they have or the things that the liberal members of the family don’t put up with and don’t tolerate. It was flat-out amazing. It’ll come to me as I think about it, because you have jogged that memory. Well, look, I appreciate your call. You’ve made my day, Susan. You’re very kind. You flatter me beyond belief, and I thank you sincerely for it — and you know what? Susan, I want to send you a signed copy of my book, too. So if you will hang on —

CALLER: Can I tell you one thing, though?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: It’s very important, because you brought up the commercial from McAuliffe and Cuccinelli, and I got a phone call this week at my home office from the Democratic Party, and it was one of those recorded calls for McAuliffe. I called back, and I asked them to take my number off the list. Well, at the same time I’m thinking that, I’m thinking, “Wait, I have a unlisted number! I have blocked calls. No one has my number.”

RUSH: But the Clintons do.

CALLER: I called and asked how they got it, and they kept hanging up on me.

RUSH: The Clintons have everybody’s number, and the Clintons had a lot of people’s FBI files. So it’s not surprising that McAuliffe could get your number, or his campaign. Anyway, I thank you again, and this is a great example, too. These last two calls are great examples of Open Line Friday calls.

Now, Susan, hang on, because Mr. Snerdley is gonna get your address so I can sign a copy of my new book upcoming on October 29th and get it out to you. Thanks much.

The Gang of Five. Here’s who the Gang of Five is in that ad: The gang of five is the feminist leadership, the elitist media (and I saw Chris Matthews’ picture as one of the examples of elite media in the ad), anti-American front groups, left-wing liberals, and Hollywood partisans. Yeah, those are the Gang of Five as represented in the ad that we played for you. So just so you’ll know, I wanted to pass it on.


RUSH: I was reminded what it was. It was the guy who called us and said that at Thanksgiving, half of his family or whatever percentage is a bunch of liberals, a bunch of commie SOBs, and he decided to have a game with ’em. He and his family love Two If By Tea. So they decided to have a blind tea-tasting test. They took the labels off the tea, and they asked people to try different kinds of tea, including Two If By Tea, and they did tasting. The liberals in his family all said Two If By Tea was the best.

Then he told them that it was Two If By Tea, that it was my tea, and they freaked out. They got genuinely mad. They accused him of tricking them. It caused great acrimony. There had to be negotiations over the rest of the Thanksgiving Day in order for the family to get along, because it caused all kinds of acrimony. It was hilarious to listen to this. We ought to drag that call out of the archives. It went on a long time, but it was classic, and it’s a great illustration of who these people are.

Here they found out they were tasting the tea, the best tea they’d ever had. They loved it! But then they found out it was mine and no way. It was like they’d just committed a sacrilegious sin, that it was the worst thing that coulda happened. They felt dirty and all this stuff. It was just irrational. I mean, why get mad over something like that, even if they thought they were being tricked? But they did. There was acrimony in a family over that.


RUSH: Okay. Here are the details of the family Thanksgiving the tea call. The guy was Bill from Scranton. There were 50 people at his Thanksgiving table, and they did a blind tasting. No Label on the bottle and the cups were totally blank. Twenty-eight people participated in the test; 27 out of 28 identified Two If By Tea as their favorite. The caller, Bill, told us that when this was discovered, it was bad.

When the box was revealed to show that they had all chosen Two If By Tea with my picture, Rush Revere on the label, there was anger, there was rage, there was yelling, there was cursing. Bill had a beer dumped on his head! There were watermelon rinds that were tossed at them, and his wife had a piece of key lime pie smashed in her face by family members. Twenty-seven out of 28 chose Two If By Tea, and that’s how mad they got thinking they had been tricked.

Isn’t that funny?


RUSH: I just want to finish reminding everybody about the call from Bill from Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is what he said. This is after 27 out of 28 people in a blind tasting had chosen Two If By Tea and they flipped out at Thanksgiving. Liberal family members flipped out. They started throwing watermelon rinds and guy’s wife got piece of key lime pie smashed in her face. They just blew. They attacked the Two If By Tea bottles and they ripped the labels off, and they were just mad as hell and they thought they’d be tricked.

But then Bill said, “Now, here’s where it’s kind of changed, Rush. A couple people now, with the view of the iced teas now available, went back and tried the tea again, and our results started to be validated.” Even knowing they were drinking my tea, they loved it. “And, Rush, die hard liberals, people who hate you and everything you stand for, then started to come to the defense of not you personally, sir, but come to the defense of the Two If By Tea,” because they liked it, and they didn’t like seeing it attacked.

He said, “And we actually watched over the course of the next couple minutes something happen with liberals that we’ve never seen happen before. They actually compromised. There was a group of people who wanted the tea removed, a group of people who wanted the tea to stay.” They were livid. They thought the whole party was ruined with my tea there. They wanted the tea removed, but another group of people who didn’t want it removed. They wanted the tea to stay.

“So they actually came to an agreement that your tea was going to be allowed to stay at the party under one condition: The label that was bearing your name and your image was to be removed from the bottle.” That was the compromise. So the tea actually made liberals compromise, probably a first. They loved the tea. They just didn’t want to see my face on it. They agreed to keep it that way. Speaking of it, we have a little special that we’re running today at the TwoIfByTea.com website, and I wanted to mention it.

It’s Friday, so why not? It’s happy hour at Two If By Tea.

Right now through 11 p.m. Eastern we are running special pricing on all flavors of the tea. We’d throw in chicken wings like the sports bar if we could, but until then, just go grab some tea at a great deal. Who doesn’t love a deal, except the Democrats? So it’s a TwoIfByTea.com special reduced pricing. I just decided to do it. (interruption) No, no, no, Snerdley, not just now. I mean, I was gonna mention this all along. This became an opportune time to mention it.

So it’s drastically reduced happy hour for Two If By Tea at TwoIfByTea.com.

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