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RUSH: Folks, it’s time for some hard truths here. Barack Obama and his minions are recklessly manipulating and deceiving the entire private health insurance industry. What has happened and what is happening to the best health care system ever developed in the history of man is more than a shame. It is simply outrageous. And it is being done purposefully and with a level of deceit that is apparent to anybody who wants to be open enough with themselves to admit it and to see it.

It appears now that multiple officials who work for the president have misled millions of insured and uninsured Americans about a product that Americans have been coerced by law to buy or face a financial penalty. They have been lied to about it. They have been misled. Millions of people who were insured and uninsured, who are now, by law, required to buy a product, have been lied to and misled about the purchase and the cost and the availability and the level of service to be associated with that product. It is a major and intricate web of deceit that has been woven here, all for the advancement, not of the health care system, not for the advancement of overall health care in America, but rather for the advancement of the Democrat Party and President Obama’s legacy. And multiple people who work for the president are complicit in this.

It has been done in the name of political gamesmanship and without regard to consequence. I’m gonna ask Vice President Cheney about this. Here’s a man who’s life has been held in the hands of the US health care system for years with his heart problem. There are a lot of people alive today, a lot of people getting well today because of the best health care system the world has ever seen, and it is being toyed with and torn down and rebuilt and restructured and dismantled and made worse by a bunch of political hacks. They are lying to the people who voted for them and telling them that they’re creating for them a utopia with their health care.

This goes beyond deceit, and all of it in the name of gamesmanship. All of it in the name of achieving political power over the Republicans and conservatives. And, again, without regard to consequence. Will there be lapses in health care coverage for people? Will some Americans be forced into bankruptcy? Will some be paying fines or go to jail? Will health insurance be contracted at all? Will the American taxpayer foot the bill for the destruction of the health insurance industry that started when the first dollar was spent on this quicksand website? There has been stone-cold lying about readiness. Nobody — I don’t care who they are — nobody is this stupid.

Kathleen Sebelius is a former governor. She has been the Health and Human Services secretary for over five years. Obama kept her for his second term. He has praised her often. She is an absolute disaster. There has been — and I mean this — stone-cold lying about every aspect of this; about what it’s gonna cost people; about how available it is going to be for people; about being able to keep your plan if you like it; about being able to keep your doctor if you like him or her; about having no interruption; about having your premiums reduced $2,500. The level of lying willfully, knowingly lying, and now the best they can do is to say, “Well, Obama was so busy with the shutdown, he didn’t know.” Well, that’s some president. That’s some CEO. That’s some chief executive. That’s some messiah.

“He didn’t know” is the best they can come up with? He was so busy dealing with those mean-spirited, racist Republicans that he didn’t know for three years that his health care website is an absolute dog? The real answer is, he didn’t care. He didn’t care enough to make it good. Remember the point that I made yesterday about how people really devoted to something being led by a charismatic leader just do everything to make it happen, to impress the leader, to make the leader look good, to make a themselves look good, all those things tied together, inspiration, motivation. There hasn’t been any of that. I’ve got some sound bites in the Stack today which I’m gonna get to. People questioning why wouldn’t they even do this for Obama? Some of his supporters are asking why the Sebeliuses of the world and whoever else, why wouldn’t they at least trying to make it work for Obama?

Let me tell you, everything in this country is not about Barack Obama. And the people of this country are getting fed up with being told through the prism of every news story is how does this affect Barack Obama? How will this affect his legacy? How will this make Obama feel? How will this make him look? Who cares, if he didn’t care enough to stay involved in this to know what was happening with it? And now underlings are gonna get blamed again for not working hard enough for Obama. Well, what is it about Obama that they didn’t want to work hard enough to get this done right? Or are the people there not qualified to do this, even if they are working at their best?

Remember, folks, insurance companies have sent out notices terminating people. They have sent out notices adjusting policies by the millions already. An entire industry, private sector health insurance, was forced to look to Washington for answers. An entire industry was essentially hijacked by the power of the federal government and said, “You’re going to play by our rules or you’re not going to stay in business.” And they were even deceived. They were even lied to. They were promised billions of new customers. They were promised untold new profits. They were promised automatic, instant compliance. They were promised brand-new customers.

They were led to believe that they were gonna be on the inside, that they were going to be crony capitalist beneficiaries of this new nationalization of health care. And, as is always the case, they were simply lied to, and instead they have been targets all along. They have been in the crosshairs all along. I, as an aside, don’t know why they couldn’t see it, but I guess the lure of being close to power is really seductive for a lot of people, so much so that they will deny the reality right in front of their face. An entire industry, folks. Not a few companies here. An entire industry, private sector health insurance forced to play ball with Barack Obama, who doesn’t know the first thing about the insurance business, except that he doesn’t like it; except that he thinks it screws people; except that he thinks it seals from people; except that he thinks it rips people off. That’s the extent of his so-called knowledge.

He’s been shown to use the power he has to intimidate and punish, and so when you’re in his crosshairs, you bend over. You do what you have to do to stay in business as long as you can. So now these people who are, by definition of their success, they are experts, the private sector health business, they know, just like the hospital people, they’re the experts. They’re now being forced — when you stop and think of it, look at it this way, it’s even more frustrating. They are being forced to look to Washington, to come to Washington for direction, for guidance, for instruction.

They’re being forced to talk to these unqualified Obama employees and get marching orders, instructions, guidance, law, from them on how they should really run their business. Helpless to proceed without instruction and assurances from Washington, an entire industry was deceived, just as the American people who bought into this have been deceived. A giant, intricately woven web of deceit. And it’s now starting to unravel.

“Hey, Rush, let it go, let it continue to unravel.”

You know what the latest meme coming out of Washington is? Brit Hume is one of the sound bites we have. “Hey,” they’re saying, “let this go, let this implode. This will be the death knell of liberalism.” I don’t want to put words in their mouth. I don’t have the exact words, but basically, “This is gonna show everybody. There wasn’t one Republican vote. There wasn’t one Republican on board. The Republican Party got nothing to do with it. There’s no way any Republican can be blamed at all.” Right. Right. The Republicans already got blamed for the shutdown, right?

You’re telling me that Obama, the Democrats, the media won’t find a way to blame the Republicans for this? They’re already starting. This thing’s failing because the Republicans aren’t helping. This thing’s failing because the Republicans never did want it to work. This thing’s failing because the Republicans this, the Republicans that. Liberalism is nothing but failures. Why is this one gonna be the one to wake everybody up? I wish it were; don’t misunderstand.

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