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RUSH: I am overloaded today, folks. I am overwhelmed. It is hopeless. I do not have a prayer of getting everything in. I mean, I have so much here, I don’t know that I can get 30% of it in. It’s going to be a real editing challenge here. I mean, literally loaded. I mean, stuff on Obamacare and stuff that has nothing to do with Obamacare, plus in an hour we have Vice President Cheney here to talk about his new book, Heart. Even though it was a plot line — remember the show Homeland where the vice president was killed by Abu Nazir via remote control with his pacemaker? They took him out over the Web, essentially. Cheney said he feared that, and he took precautions against it. I mean, it was even before the plot line showed up in Homeland. So, anyway, we’ll be talking to him.

Kathleen Sebelius, a train wreck interview on CNN last night. And my theory that all this is being done on purpose as a setup for single payer was discussed on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox last night.

We’ve had a White House official fired for tweeting under a fake name. I mean, I sit here and I don’t want to talk too much inside baseball, but I mentioned to you yesterday that I did an interview, Chris Stigall, the Morning Drive host in Philadelphia, WPHT, our station there, and in the course of the interview he mentioned to me that somebody, somewhere, had sent the word out to local talk radio, “Drop politics. I mean, it’s time to drop it. Audiences are fatigued, tired of it, don’t want to hear about it.”

And I said, “Who said that? Was it some consultant? Is it local management? Who’s saying this?”

And when I come and prep a show like today, I start feeling sorry, if it’s true, if these local hosts have been banned from talking about this stuff because powers that be think nobody’s interested, it just befuddles me. So let’s just get to it. It’s an incredible, incredible day and the news just continues to get worse for Obama. High-tech people say, “I don’t know what Obama’s talking about. There’s no such thing as a tech surge.” You know, he goes out to the Rose Garden, said, “We’re gonna have a big tech surge.”

There’s no such thing as a tech surge and some of these high-tech people are saying, “I’ll tell you where it’s gonna get fixed. It’s gonna get fixed in the private sector,” and some entrepreneurs in the private sector are gonna very quickly come up with alternatives to HealthCare.gov that will work, and they may present them to the White House, to Obama, and they may not. But if they do, will Obama accept them or reject them, because they won’t be able to do it themselves. This is federal law. The entrepreneurs just can’t set up competing websites. I guess they could and then let the authorities have at ’em.

Some entrepreneurs are gonna figure this out and wouldn’t it be great if they figure it out in five or six days, make it workable in five or six days. The regime has given itself three weeks, and there’s no nobody who thinks this can be done, five million lines of code. So you got all the apologists. But, in fact, you don’t. You got people like Robert Gibbs on MSNBC saying this is an absolute disaster, former spokesman. You got people saying Sebelius’s head should roll. Warren Buffett says, no, don’t get rid of Sebelius. It’s up to Obama’s job to bend or flake or form her to get her back on the right path. But she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Nobody in this regime has any experience whatsoever in any of this.

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