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RUSH: We got Russ here in High Point, North Carolina. Hi, great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a real honor to speak with the Mr. Big behind the original Operation Chaos. I was calling to suggest a possible sequel. What if each of our listeners went to the Obamacare website and the toll-free number, I don’t know, five, 10, a hundred times every day for no apparent reason, think of the chaos that might ensue from that and just bring those systems to their knees?

RUSH: You mean as they are trying to repair it, our listeners will just deluge Obamacare with phone calls and log-in attempts and that kind of thing?

CALLER: You got it. You know, the left is always engaged in their civil disobedience, the marches, and boycotts, and —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — character assassination. In fact, they say it’s patriotic. Well, I think we should all show our patriotism.

RUSH: Let me get your opinion on something here, Russ. Operation Chaos, I didn’t mind having everybody know that it was me suggesting the audience do that. On this, I don’t know that if all of a sudden the website gets bogged down even more and the phone line gets bogged down, and then the media says, “Well, that’s just Limbaugh telling his listeners to –” doesn’t that kinda undercut the effort?

CALLER: Well, I think that the conservatives will get the blame no matter what. I just think it’s a proactive way that we could, you know, operate maybe without official EIB sanction, if you will, to, you know, do the —

RUSH: It’s an interesting idea. I would never, ever order people to do something like that, but, man, that would be something.


RUSH: Folks, serious reaction to the last caller. The last caller thought that it would be great to do Operation Chaos II and for me to tell you to go to HealthCare.gov, just slam it. Phone number, just slam it. Folks, it’s not necessary. The first point to make is it isn’t necessary. The thing isn’t working. But that’s not the primary point. There are already people on Twitter who are blaming the Tea Party for doing this anyway. There’s an entire Twitter universe of people, “The Tea Party’s responsible for this. They’re just sabotaging. They’re just flooding HealthCare.gov and the phone number.”

But here’s the real thing that I think is going on out there, and I mentioned this at the top of the show in the very harried opening monologue. There is, for the regime, a blessing in this website being a mess and inaccessible. And you know what it is? People can’t see the prices. I’m not so sure that some of this isn’t by design. Remember, this thing is designed to fail. It is designed to implode. What is it that, if it were designed to work, that Obamacare needs? It needs healthy, relatively well paid young people flooding that website and buying insurance. And the premiums for those people, they don’t get a deal. They’re not being subsidized. They’re the people paying the freight.

They’re the ones that are gonna be charged outrageous prices and high deductibles for their premiums in order to pay for the treatment of the elderly and the insurance or preexisting condition people and so forth. Well, with the website a mess and nobody able to log on and the phone number a mess, people aren’t finding out what this is costing. The fact of the matter is that I don’t know what’s gonna happen with this. But right now this is being portrayed as an absolute disaster for the regime and it’s horrible and it’s, oh, my God, oh, my God, how could it get any worse? It could very well get worse when they fix access and people are able to find out what this is gonna cost ’em.

We’ve already had some of that. People have already learned that their deductibles are like six grand or 12 grand, that their premiums have gone up 300 bucks a month or more. You’ve seen those stories, and we’ve had calls from those people. The last thing the regime needs right now is for people to find out just how much they’ve been lied to about premiums going down $2,500 bucks, keep your doctor, keep your plan, free, whatever Obama has lied about to sell this, they don’t want people finding out the truth now. I think these glitches, in other words, are actually fulfilling a purpose for the regime.

Now, we want people to see those prices. We want people to know what this abomination is gonna cost them. The left doesn’t want them to know that yet. The president, Jay Carney, Pelosi, Reid, et al, Sebelius, they don’t want you to know what this is gonna cost you. So if anybody is purposely gumming this up, it’s gonna be left-wing activists who are gumming this thing up to keep the truth from people. But regardless, it isn’t necessary to gum it up ’cause somebody already is, or the more likely case is it’s just so horribly built that it can’t handle the load no matter what and it’s not necessary to bog it down. But that’s what I think’s really going on here. There’s a whole sublevel. You gotta remember, this thing is nothing but an intricately woven web of deceit.

These glitches, by the way, they’re also a great, great excuse for so few people signing up. Remember, nobody’s enrolling here even in the states where the websites are perfectly fine. Nobody is signing up, and Obama’s told Blue Cross, don’t you dare tell people what the numbers are, and probably Kaiser Permanente’s heard the same thing. Sebelius is not releasing any numbers. They don’t want you to know how few people are signing up. And these glitches are a great excuse for so few people signing up. The glitches are the excuse for not having to tell how many people are signing up. “Well, it would be kind of pointless to tell you right now, it’s so hard to get into the website, we’re working on fixing it,” blah, blah, blah.

This whole thing from day one is a massive deceit and fraud, and you have to look at everything you hear about it through that prism, if you will. Nothing is what it seems, particularly when it’s reported by the Drive-Bys. Do not doubt me.

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